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How to Prepare for the May 15th Total Lunar Eclipse: Dos and Don’ts Guide to Prayer, Puja, and Gratitude

When the gods and the demons churned the milky ocean in days of yore, nectar came out of it. Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Mohini, a charming lady, deluded the demons and distributed the nectar only among the gods. But Rahu had disguised himself as a …

Glory to Devi: Exploring the Divine Feminine Through the 3 Aspects of the Divine Mother

“Devi is the Mother of all. The pious and the wicked, the rich and the poor, the saint and the sinner—all are Her children. Devi or Sakti is the Mother of Nature. She is Nature itself. The whole world is Her body. Mountains are her bones. Rivers are He …

Quotes to Live By: Your Guide to Yogic Wisdom In Bite-Size Form for Further Reflection, Peace of Mind, and Inner Clarity

There are many reasons why Master Sivananda is considered a veritable sage by those in India and abroad. Beyond his exemplary behavior, cheery attitude, and the uplifting impression he left on everyone that met him, there is the sheer volume of writing …

7 Ways to Honor Planet Earth: Celebrate Earth Day with Yogic Practices for Grounding the Body and Healing Mother Nature

How do we honor planet Earth? By honoring ourselves, each other, every living creature and Mother Nature. What does honoring look like? Honoring entails understanding that we are all connected to each other, that unity is the reality and that separation is the illusion.

The Backbone of Yogic Ethics: The Moral Codes of Right Living, the Yamas and the Niyamas

The 5 Yamas (social ethics) and the 5 Niyamas (personal observances) are thought of as the 10 commandments of the yogic way of life.  The Yamas and the Niyamas build character and ensure a sturdy foundation, without which the house of yogic practice (postures, breathwork) and benefits (peace of mind, joy, good health) would fall.

Ayurveda 101, The Science of Life: How to Use the 3 Doshas for Optimal Living

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago! Derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge), Ayurveda translates to the knowledge or science of life. Knowledge of Ayurveda helps one to maintain general health and wellbeing long-term by allowing one to treat imbalances as they occur and before they manifest as greater problems to worry about (such as serious illnesses).

Manifestation 101: Define Your Intention and Bring Abundance Into Your Life

Manifestation has been the buzzword in the spiritual community for the last decade. Described at length in the Law of Attraction and by Deepak Chopra, Oprah, and various other prominent figures, manifestation tells us that we can will the lives we truly want into existence. But how? By setting the right intention. Intention is the starting point of every dream you wish to come to fruition, every reality you are capable of manifesting.

Power of Sound: Heal Yourself with Kirtan

Chanting mantra, whether done through kirtan (joyous chanting), japamala (repetition of mantra using prayer beads), or silent meditation is a practice. A practice has its ups and downs. Maintaining your own mantra practice requires discipline, determination, and concentration. When discipline, determination, and concentration wane, it helps to have a community that will uplift you.

Yoga, Nutrition, and the Ashram Experience: An Interview with Mona Sharma

And then the doctors say: Mona, if we go through with the surgery, you might have to wear a pacemaker for the rest of your life. That was when I decided: no more; that’s it. This is not my life. This is not my health, I know there’s a better way. And I knew that I had to get back home, home to my inner self, I had to return to the ashram.

Healing Ourselves: An Interview with Dr. Shamini Jain

A healer is essentially anyone who facilitates healing in another person. And honestly, it doesn’t necessarily just mean energy or spiritual healing. It is someone that believes in what they’re offering, that puts the patient first, that has a positive attitude. The healer isn’t actually doing any healing, it’s the person who is sick that is doing the healing, all the healer does is open up the pathways in the person’s body to facilitate that healing.

Art Of Self-Love with Dr. Shamini Jain

The workshop began with a dance of surrender to Durga. Shamini cleverly avoided inducing the anxiety of performance in our minds by bringing our awareness slowly into the interior: first, she asked us to move. The silence felt deafening, the eyes begged to remain open and the body felt awkward… finally, the music came.

Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk is easy, and so delicious! Plus, it entails only a few simple, natural ingredients without added processed sugar and thickeners found in store-bought almond milk. Ingredients 1 cup raw almonds (soaked overnight in cool water, or so …

Yogic Tips for Staying Healthy During Uncertain Times

May 7, 2020 The past few months of 2020 have been a trying time for the entire world. There isn’t one person who hasn’t been affected by this global pandemic, whether it’s physically, economically, mentally, or emotionally. The most important thing we …
Sivananda Bahamas Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Chia Raspberry Pudding Recipe

“Chia is probably my favourite ingredient,” says Padmavati, dessert-maker in the ashram Boutique in February 2019. “It’s densely packed with nutrition, and it feels like comfort food. It fills you up so much it can even be substituted for a meal.” In h …
Sivananda Bahamas Karma Yoga Wooden Beach Path

“Older” Karma Yogis Find a Yoga Home

Service have been the mainstay of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat since it was founded in the 1960s by Swami Vishnu Devananda. Staying from one to three months — or longer — in a residential study program, Karma Yogis are assigned to service in the k …

Who Takes the Yoga Teacher Training? Stories from Sivananda Graduates

“Unity in Diversity” is a hallmark of the Sivananda tradition, the phrase used by Swami Vishudevananda as he set out on his missions for world peace. But even before his historic flights to trouble spots around the world, Swami Vishnu launched his effo …
Sivananda Bahamas Ganesha's Pizza

Ganesha’s Famous Pizzas

On graduation day for students of the Sivananda Teacher Training Course, the entire ashram is hopping with excitement as dinnertime approaches. This is the night that Ganesha, a longtime staff member, makes pizza for dinner. These are no ordinary pizza …
Sivananda Bahamas in the Kitchen

We’re Recruiting: Cook and Assistant Cooks Needed

Karma Yoga (work-service) Positions Available   Add this unique experience to your C.V. whether you just graduated from culinary school or are an experienced cook. By expanding your expertise and expressing your creativity in healthy, nutritious m …

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate-Coconut Frosting

from Karma Yogi Dinija Birne Since she was 15 years old, Dinija Birne has loved baking. Her enjoyment in the kitchen led her to cooking school, although she left before graduating, and her home in Gulbene, Latvia, to travel. This is her way, she says, …

Overcoming Self-Sabotage: Presenter Spotlight Q&A with Katie Papo (Ambika)

Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I teach self-care, as well as help compulsive overeaters heal their relationship with food. Why do you do what you do? For much of my life I was repeatedly falling into self-destructive habits of self-sabotage. …
Q&A with Swami Swaroopananda |

Yogis in the World: Q&A with Swami Swaroopananda

Audience Question: Does the yogic tradition refer or teach about a life within society, amidst relationships, etc. If so, what does it teach about it? Swami Swaroopananda’s Answer: To be honest with you, the yogic tradition does not teach about life wi …

Chickpeas with Cauliflower and Tahini Sauce

For more than a dozen years, senior staff member Pranava Chaitanya has been cooking in the ashram kitchen as well as offering cooking courses. One of his signature dishes, the recipe melds the creaminess of chickpeas with the medium crunch of cauliflow …

Chanting for Life: Q&A with Krishna Das

In February each year, Sivananda Bahamas welcomes legendary kirtan singer Krishna Das for a Yoga of Chant Retreat. A disciple of Indian sage Neem Karoli Baba, Krishna Das has become a worldwide icon and the best-selling Western chant artist of all time …

Exploring Consciousness and Healing: Q&A with Marilyn Schlitz

We are always honored to welcome Marilyn Schlitz as a guest presenter to the ashram. Marilyn is President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individual and collectiv …

“Made With Love” Raw, Vegan Sugar Cookies — Vanilla, Lemon, and Chocolate-Orange

When Padmavati returned to the ashram from Salt Lake City, Utah, for her three-month karma yoga stay — she had previously done her teacher training and advanced teacher training here — she was assigned the very job she had been afraid to do. An enthusi …

2019 Catalog Welcome Letter

As we enter into our 51st year, we share these words of inspiration and guidance by Swami Sivananda, from the book Sivananda Upanishads, a collection of his handwritten letters complied by his disciple, our founder Swami Vishnudevananda. 1st January 19 …
Sivananda Bahamas Sweet Potato Mash

Simple Sweet Potato Mash

The holiday season often encourages us to indulge our sweet tooth. Here’s a delicious recipe to experience some sweetness without sacrificing your health. Sweet potatoes are high in many important nutrients. They contain a good amount of fiber as well …

Superfood Oatmeal Power Bowl

By Katie Papo (Ambika) Every morning after my yoga practice, I indulge in a healthy oatmeal power bowl. This is one of my favorite fiber and protein-filled breakfasts, because not only will it keep me full until lunchtime, but it’s easily adaptable for …

8 Yogic Techniques to Enhance Your Sleep Ritual

By Nora Benian (Sundari) Why is it so hard to fall asleep — and stay asleep? I’ve experienced several phases of my life when falling asleep and staying asleep was a challenge. These difficulties usually came along with growth spurts (physical, emotiona …

Autumn Apple Crisp

It’s apple-picking season around North America and they are in abundance. Need something to do with all those apples? Here’s the perfect fall-inspired sweet treat that’s simpler than a pie, and just as delicious! Serves 8-12 Filling 7-9 medium-large ap …

Loving the Self with Priti Robyn Ross: Spotlight Q&A

Please share what you do: I am a self-care specialist. My life’s work is to hold a loving and safe container for transformation, awakening, and healing. I use methods including gentle yoga, soul coaching, and self-nurturing workshops and retreats. 2. W …
Vicki Robin Sivananda Bahamas

Building a Sustainable Future through Community, with Vicki Robin

1. Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I am a writer, speaker, activist, and coach. 2. Why do you do what you do? I love this world — the interconnected living system that is our home. I know that we humans have it within us to work for the greate …

Practicing Wonder with Jeffrey Davis: Spotlight Q&A

1. Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I help people expand their impact with integrity and with doses of wonder. 2. Why do you do what you do? It’s profoundly rewarding to witness people respond to their current life’s purpose with agency and hum …
Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training |

Mother and Daughter, Together in the Yoga Teacher Training Course

Kathy Chappell graduated the July Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course 2018 with her daughter Samantha. This is her first-hand experience. The moment my daughter Samantha and I stepped on the dock of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Isla …

Healing Deeply with Giri Bek

1. Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I share practices of Transformational Breath®, Holistic Nutrition, ChakraDance, and Classical Yoga, including Yoga Nidra. 2. Why do you do what you do? These modalities have personally given me so much health …

Swadhyaya: Studying the Sacred, Studying Yourself

“Swadhyaya inspires and elevates the mind to high spiritual altitude.” -Swami Sivananda on Swadhyaya Swadhyaya, also known as “self-study” or daily study of the scriptures, is one of the five niyamas. An important tool the yogi uses to overcome the “mo …
Buddhist Compassion Training with Lama Karma Chotso

Sharing the Buddha’s Teachings, with Lama Karma Chötso

1. Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I teach the philosophy and practice of Buddhadharma from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition’s Kagyu lineage. 2. Why do you do what you do? I teach the philosophies of the Buddha because they include many skillful …
Sivananda Bahamas pink flowers Yoga and Healing

Praying and Playing Music with Rabbi Zoe B. Zak

1. Please share what you do: I’m honored to be the rabbi of a wonderful community, the Temple Israel of Catskill. As a chaplain with the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York, I visit residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Musi …

On-the-Go Yogi Snack Packs

When the slow and relaxed energy of summer starts to speed up into the fall and winter months, it’s vital we have the proper nourishment to keep us going — especially with the demands of a busy lifestyle. Take a look at our top four model snack pack id …

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Cake

This recipe first came to us from one of our Yoga Teacher Training graduates and Karma Yogis, Hanuman. He created his first raw vegan ice cream cake in our boutique’s health hut in 2012, and he continues to make them for his loved ones at home. This is …

Why Do Yoga Teacher Training Students Wear a Yellow and White Uniform?

In 1969, a master yogi named Swami Vishnudevananda created the first yoga teacher training in the West. Spurred by a vision of training generations of yogic peace ambassadors, he mapped out a curriculum from all he had learned from his guru, Swami Siva …

Delicious & Easy Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

Summer is here! And that means spending time in the backyard and BBQ-ing our favorite summer treats. From a yogic perspective, it’s important to not only keep the body healthy, but to also consider other implications of our diet. Ahimsa, the first ethi …

Avocado-Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Imagine a healthy combination of everyone’s two favorite dips — guacamole and spinach-artichoke! Between graduation parties, barbecues, start-of-summer celebrations, and wedding showers, you’ll want to have this delicious recipe on hand — be prepared t …

Detox Dandelion Green Smoothie

Spring is the time to lighten up! As far as a successful detox goes, leafy greens play a key role. Dandelion greens have especially powerful detox properties, and you can buy them inexpensively in a store, or even pick them from your own yard or garden …

A Special Place for Cleansing: The Annapurna Devi House

Food is an important part of what brings us life. Yet many of us associate food with overeating, frustration, confusion, diets, and eating from stress. Annapurna Devi, in the yogic tradition, is the goddess of food and nourishment. She helps us associa …
Grace in Reverse Warrior on beach |

Grace Van Berkum Q&A: Healing through Detox, Movement, and Nature

1. Why do you do what you do? After growing up in an abusive environment which manifested in years of self hatred, eating disorders, and drug addictions, I knew I had to change my life or I was going to die. Luckily I didn’t die. Luckily I had the cour …

How to Creatively Find Yoga Teaching Opportunities

We all know that doing yoga has many benefits. But teaching yoga also has many benefits that are both spiritual and practical including: Sharing knowledge that transforms people’s lives Giving back to the community Practicing public speaking Enhancing …
Jai Uttal at Sivananda Bahamas |

Jai Uttal Q&A: Chanting with an Open Heart

Please share what you do in 10-15 words: I lead healing music and chanting from the ancient Bhakti tradition of India, expressed in musical styles from raga to reggae. Why do you do what you do? Originally I found these practices of music and kirtan to …
Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding Bowls

If there’s a healthier way to eat chocolate, we want to know about it! This easy recipe offers a more nutritious and delicious way to satisfy the the sweet tooth. You’ll get the healthy fats of avocado, magnesium from cacao powder, and the antioxidants …
Chanting Ahimsa Sivananda Bahamas Satsang

The Meaning of Satsang

“…the beginner will do well to take the opportunity that comes in his way to strengthen his own aspirations by communion with others who share them.” — Swami Sivananda, Bliss Divine Everyone is encouraged to attend both satsangs every day in the ashr …

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