Sivananda Essentials

Uplift Your Life: Yoga. Meditation. Positive Thinking.


To live a healthy lifestyle at home, why not learn the basics while you’re on vacation? Offered year-round, each Sivananda Essentials course offers practical strategies to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Take home practical tools you can use in your daily life for enhanced energy, equilibrium, and self-confidence.

Sivananda Essentials are a great way to visit the Ashram Yoga Retreat for the first time, teaching the Sivananda Yoga practices and keys to a healthy yogic lifestyle as a natural part of your everyday life. These courses are taught by senior Sivananda teachers, each one with years of experience studying, living, and teaching yoga practices, philosophy, and lifestyle.

Essentials meet for one workshop session each day — the rest of the day is yours for yoga classes, beach time, and the rest of the ashram programs and experiences.

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Essentials of Yoga I: Create a Daily Practice
A perfect yoga for beginners course — and for those new to Sivananda Yoga. Engage with the tools of Sivananda Yoga for enlivening physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn a routine of yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation to uplift your life.

Essentials of Yoga II: Deepen Your Practice
A great option for return guests who want to take their yoga practice to the next level. Deepen your experience with the 12 key postures of the Sivananda Yoga sequence, each day focusing on a new theme in practicing asanas.

Essentials of Yoga III: Advance Your Practice
A more in-depth course for those looking to fine-tune their postures and dive deeper into yoga philosophy. Develop a more precise and focused asana practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophy.

Essentials of Positive Thinking: Wake Up Your Mind
Discover how to let go of negative thought patterns once and for all — so you can create the life you want. Discover the connection between your thinking, your emotions, and your health and learn simple tools for enhancing the power of your mind to create a life from joy.

Essentials of Meditation: Cultivate Your Full Potential
Learn meditation to create equanimity and happiness and reduce stress and anxiety in daily life. Discover the secret to balanced living and spiritual insight and build your own meditation practice for home.


Return home lighter, brighter, and ready to re-engage in everything you do with a positive outlook and strategies for self-care and personal growth.


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Meeting just a few hours a day, each course schedule is designed so that you experience a learning immersion, with plenty of time to participate in the ashram’s offerings and, of course, spend time on the beach! Sivananda Essentials draw on ancient yogic wisdom for establishing inner and outer health and peace, and incorporate the Five Keys to a Yogic Lifestyle as taught by Swami Vishnudevananda.

These are:

  • Healthy exercise (yoga postures/asanas)
  • Conscious breathing (pranayama)
  • Deep relaxation
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation
Gain expert guidance from experienced instructors.

Sivananda Essentials are taught by senior teachers and staff of the ashram, each one with years of experience studying, living, and teaching yoga practices, philosophy, and lifestyle.

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