Experiential Yoga Courses

Dive into a path of study. Learn and grow in an enriching educational environment that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Balance your course time with healthy meals, walks by the ocean, yoga classes, and community gatherings for meditation and inspiring talks. Experience the best in holistic learning.


We offer hundreds of courses a year on a variety of yoga and yoga-related topics, including integrated health, nutrition, spiritual studies, and sacred practices, as well as trainings in the healing arts and yoga teaching. Courses have specific start and end dates and meet daily. You should plan to arrive at least the day before the course start date and depart the day after the course end date; we encourage you to take a few days in our Yoga Vacation Program before or after your course as well. View the Full Calendar of Upcoming Programs (filterable by date, topic, and presenter).

Upcoming Experiential Yoga Courses

Experiential Course
November 6 — 10, 2024
Manas Kshirsagar

Experience an authentic Ayurvedic fall cleanse tailored to your personal constitution to help detoxify and create optimal wellbeing in body, mind, and soul.

Experiential Course
November 13 — 17, 2024
Manu Dawson

Prepare for winter and the holidays — come cleanse, rejuvenate, invigorate, and firm up healthy habits for the months ahead and leave feeling refreshed, and connected to your innermost self.

Experiential Course
November 25 — 30, 2024
Gauri Devi (Marta Shedletsky)

Children will be introduced to yoga through short asana classes, chanting, crafts, storytelling, and lots of games and fun.

Experiential Course
December 6 — 9, 2024
Swan Michelle (Michelle Baker)

Discover this profound healing modality that investigates what may be limiting, dis-regulating, degenerating and compromising one's current state of health physically, mentally or emotionally.

Experiential Course
December 10 — 15, 2024

Join us as we find our soul's Voice together in one of the most pristinely beautiful and sacred places on the planet as we dive deep into our soulful, energetic possibilities and to choose Love, Healing, and Sacred Connection.

Experiential Course
December 12 — 16, 2024
Sarah Kinsley, RCC

Evidence-based teachings and practices will be shared to help you better manage the waves of life and reduce the impacts associated with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Experiential Course
December 26 — 31, 2024
Gauri Devi (Marta Shedletsky)

During this family yoga holiday, kids will be introduced to yoga through short asana classes, chanting, crafts, storytelling, and lots of games and fun.

Experiential Course
December 26 — 31, 2024
Bhargavi Chaitanya

In this program, teens 12 to 17 experience an immersion in the foundations of yoga practice, philosophy, and lifestyle as well arts and crafts, journaling and the joy of being of service.

Experiential Course
January 6 — 15, 2025
Manu Dawson

Join us for a 10-day immersion retreat to cleanse your body and increase vitality and energy. Leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and connected to your innermost self.

Experiential Course
January 16 — 19, 2025
Sherianna Boyle and Shannon Kaiser

Flush out negativity and clear a path for new positive habits, behaviors, and emotions so you can be who you are meant to be.

Experiential Course
January 24 — 29, 2025
Marc Halpern (Siva) and Andrea Deerheart PhD

Start the new year with a clean slate! Join this Ayurvedic kitchari cleanse and Yoga Nidra retreat to feel lighter, more confident, and closer to your dreams.

Experiential Course
February 1 — 7, 2025
Grace Van Berkum

Increase energy and vitality, reduce inflammation, recalibrate the taste buds, and clear the mind with this 7-day fresh food detox.

Experiential Course
February 3 — 6, 2025
Dr. Kathleen Williams and Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Discover the research and practices in both neuroscience and psychology that can help guide you in addressing the multifaceted topic of trauma and wire your mind to shift into more balance and freedom. Come and connect to your heart and your true essence to nourish your spirit with joyful experiences!

Experiential Course
March 9 — 11, 2025
Dr. Marc Grossman and Daniel Orlansky

This program introduces a combination of best practices from eastern and western methods for improving eye health. Through breath work, yoga, and gentle movement designed to allow for more circulation to your brain and eyes, and more to improve your vision health.

Experiential Course
March 12 — 15, 2025
Ken Cohen

Learn a complete practice for personal well-being and connect with your untapped well of resilient healing qi (life energy) and with the natural energies of earth, sky, and sea.

Experiential Course
March 22 — 23, 2025
Andrea Deerheart PhD

This course is designed for individuals who are seeking to cultivate a harmonious relationship with both life and death. It is particularly beneficial for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and friends and family members of those facing life-threatening or terminal illnesses.


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Sivananda Essentials

Take home skills you can use in your daily life.

The ashram offers much-loved “essentials” courses to help you build a yoga foundation that integrates easily into your lifestyle. Guided by our senior teachers, you will learn to focus your mind by building a meditation practice for home, learn to think more positively, and strengthen your body with the postures and practices of Hatha Yoga. Essentials meet just a couple of hours a day and make a great addition to a Yoga Vacation — or reason to plan a trip the ashram.



Professional Trainings, Certifications & CEU Credits

Develop skills for advancing your career.

Learn new skills, gain certification, or earn Continuing Education Units through our highly respected professional trainings. Whether you are a yoga teacher, healer, health-care professional, or counselor, you will find a variety of courses — and a rich learning environment that allows for deep integration of what you are learning.


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Program Themes

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We offer hundreds of courses a year on a variety of topics, all designed to create transformation from the inside out. Whether it’s nutrition and cleanses, yoga philosophy, or an exploration of sacred art & creativity, you will find a variety of ways to access the deep wisdom of yoga in a rich learning environment.

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