Experiential Course
March 12 — 15, 2025

Yi Quan Qigong: The Foundation of Dynamic Energy, Inner Strength, & Awakened Mind

With Qigong Grandmaster Kenneth Cohen

Ken Cohen
Tuition: $495

Connect with your untapped well of resilient healing qi (life energy) and with the
natural energies of earth, sky, and sea. Yi Quan, the Mind Body Healing and Martial art, explores the core skills at the root of all Qigong and Tai Chi styles: posture, relaxation, breathing, and flowing movement. You will learn:

  • Standing Meditation to improve alignment, balance, breathing, and energy
  • Five Methods of Meditative Walking to find stillness within motion and to
    improve coordination
  • Yi Quan Animal Movements based on the Eagle, Turtle, Tiger, and Bear
    How to move more efficiently, gracefully, and effectively in sports, martial
    arts, and everyday life
  • Slow movements for flow and relaxation, and quick Yi Quan for fitness and
  •  Yi Quan Guided Meditations to clear mind of thought and worry, connect
    more deeply with nature, and awaken your hidden potentials

Ken Cohen, has been practicing qigong for more than 50 years and studied directly with a senior student. of the founder of Yi Quan, Wang Xiangzhai. By going slowly, step by step, with plenty of time for review and discussion, you will learn a complete practice for personal well-being. The course is great for beginners and all levels.

Ken Cohen (Gao Han) has been training Chinese healing, martial, and
contemplative arts since 1968. He was the only lifetime apprentice of Huang
Gengshi (1910-1999), a Taoist Abbot who was also the major teacher of
Sivananda Yoga in Hong Kong. A leader in the dialogue between ancient healing
systems and modern science, Ken is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement
Award in Energy Medicine. He is the author of The Way of Qigong and more than
200 journal articles on spirituality and health.


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