2019 Catalog Welcome Letter

As we enter into our 51st year, we share these words of inspiration and guidance by Swami Sivananda, from the book Sivananda Upanishads, a collection of his handwritten letters complied by his disciple, our founder Swami Vishnudevananda.

Swami Sivananda 2019 Catalog Letter

1st January 1945
O Children of Light,
The salt of life is Self-less service. The bread of life is universal love.
The water of life is purity.
The Sweetness of life is devotion. The fragrance of life is generosity.
The pivot of life is meditation. The goal of life is Self-realization.
Therefore Serve. Love. Be pure and generous. Meditate and realize.

One thought on “2019 Catalog Welcome Letter

  1. Mark David Vinzens

    „O Children of Light…“ Jesus said: If they say to you: Whence have you come?, say to them: We have come from the light… (Gospel of Thomas)

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