Master Ou Wen Wei is a Qigong Grandmaster and the originator of the unique Pangu Shengong system through which he has successfully healed patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. He is the author of 12 books including The Path of Life and Pan Gu Mystical Qigong.

Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
June 2 — 9, 2023
Swami Swaroopananda, Ramesh Parmar, Suba Ramesh Parmar, Master Ou Wen Wei, and Senior Staff of the Yoga Retreat

In honor of the Sivananda lineage and Swami Swaroopananda's birthday, we invite all guests, friends, and residents of the ashram to come together for a celebration.

Yoga Vacation Program
June 8 — 9, 2023
Master Ou Wen Wei

Come learn about Pangu Shengong mystical qigong with its originator, Master Ou Wen Wei.

Experiential Course
June 10 — 12, 2023
Master Ou Wen Wei

Learn this powerful healing practice through immersion study with its originator, Master Ou Wen Wei.


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