Kathleen Williams has a PhD in Psychology and brings 30 years of service to the field in Trauma Healing, through EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Yoga and Energy Psychologies. Her passion has always been integrating spirituality into the field of Psychology and was her dissertation topic long before the scientific field recognized its role in mental health. She has a history of teaching on both the graduate  and undergraduate levels and has several focuses over the years, including feminist theories and trauma. Most recently, Kathleen has been training in Shamanic healings, integrating this into her repertoire of healing modalities.


Upcoming Programs

Experiential Course
February 3 — 6, 2025
Dr. Kathleen Williams and Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Discover the research and practices in both neuroscience and psychology that can help guide you in addressing the multifaceted topic of trauma and wire your mind to shift into more balance and freedom. Come and connect to your heart and your true essence to nourish your spirit with joyful experiences!


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