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Feeding the Ashram: Chef Ambika and the Brunch Shift

One thought on “Feeding the Ashram: Chef Ambika and the Brunch Shift

  1. Diane

    I agree with a commenter above–I’d love to have a cookbook with Ambika’s recipes! We recently stayed at teh Ashram in the Bahamas and the food was wonderful.

  2. Isabelle

    Went 2 Times in sivananda…
    I met unique and wonderfull Ambika..
    I Was not on a volonter program,
    but I offered Help to the kitchen…
    And the magic began…
    iI went back every morning after,
    having such satisfaction and fun and learning opportunities with Ambika.

    Big huge hug to you Ambika!

    Isabelle front Montréal

  3. Kathy Mele

    I have been coming to the ashram for 17 years. I am here for 12 days and I can say that the food has never been better! This chef has taken it up a notch to the delight of the guests. Thank you

  4. Gigi

    It would be nice if we could be assured there would be ample provisions for those with celiac disease who cannot intake gluten and diabetics who cannot intake processed sugar.

    • Todd

      hi Gigi

      I suspect you have been replied to already, but in the event you have not, know that I just returned from a stay at the Ashram and I had no trouble eating enough without eating any wheat or dairy. As far as processed sugar, they don’t use any in the food they cook in the kitchen. If you choose to put peanut butter, jelly, or any foods not made there on your plate, well, then you will get whatever is in them.
      There is no “dessert”. There is always salad, some complex carbs like rice, quinoa, dahl, millete, etc…and starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Yeah, there where a couple meals where it was more vegetable based and without going to the homemade bread to feel full, yeah, I had to get more salad or roasted veggies, but it all worked out, and I felt fantastic.
      To eat minimally processed foods always feels wonderful.
      No worries going there if you don’t want to eat gluten.

  5. Tannis

    It would be wonderful if Ambika could find a way to share the recipes in a cookbook.

  6. Madhusudan Inamdar

    My wife, Geeta and I were there mid October for two weeks and we enjoyed Chef Ambika’s creations to the ninth degree. She is phenomenal in her creativity and the meals were all delicious. We first visited the Ashram in 1988 and in the last few years we have been coming almost twice a year. I can honestly say that this is the first time that we have really enjoyed the food. The variety of the food; the presentation and the taste was simply amazing.
    Chef Ambika has definitely notched up the menu. Nothing was repeated during our stay. Ofcourse there were left overs served in the evening. The evening food was terrific as well.
    The yoga teachers were excellent in their programs.
    We look forward to coming there in the Spring.
    OM OM

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