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Conquering Headstand at Age 61: Sivananda Yoga Posture Stories

One thought on “Conquering Headstand at Age 61: Sivananda Yoga Posture Stories

  1. Vishnu

    At 60 after a stroke I took ttc in Putney London
    The head Stand had gone but over the next year with slow practice it is back
    It’s not pretty but I can do it and hold so I’m happy
    Just keep practicing
    Om shanyi

  2. Narada

    My experience—I also thought I had the headstand “for life” nearing 60. However, I stopped doing the headstand for several months and was, actually, surprised that I lost it again. That fear that I had of tipping over had returned. Yoga teachers in Val Morin helped me up a few times, and at home I had to begin near a wall again. (I had even gotten away from meditation, and sitting still had become a challenge.) I have to to use it, or lose it.

    • Flicia

      I have been doing the headstand daily for 24 years. I am currently 74 and just completed the TTC at the Bahamas Ashram. I encourage all to incorporate this asana into their practice. It really is the greatest of all asanas😁🙏🏻

  3. Rukmini

    What a wonderful testimonial! I am in my 30’s and I still have a bunch of practice to do in order to master the headstand. My mom is 60 and will retire soon. My wish for her is to start practicing yoga as soon as she’s free from work for good. Will share your experience with her 🙂

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