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Worldwide Testimonials for the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training

Toronto, Canada * Singapore * Montevideo, Uruguay * Vienna, Austria * New York City, United States * England, United Kingdom * Tel Aviv, Israel * Salem, Massachusetts * Groningen, The Netherlands * Lisbon, Portugal

The Sivananda organization and its Yoga Teacher Training Course are largely founded on the principle of “unity in diversity.” Our founder, Swami Vishnudevananda, invited people from all walks of life to practice yoga together. He firmly believed that yoga was one of the best ways for humanity to realize the oneness that connects us all — and our TTC graduates are living proof!

To celebrate diversity, we looked through our TripAdvisor page to explore the diverse home countries of our Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) graduates … and we were inspired to share the experiences of 10 of our graduates who came from around the world to study with us in the Bahamas.


“Three months to never forget!”
—Toronto, Canada graduate

“A beautiful place to learn and grow, the Sivananda Yoga Retreat is run by honorable people, working to make a difference in the world and to carry on Swami Sivananda’s and Sri Swami Vishnudevananda’s mission of peace.

I stayed at the ashram for three months, first taking the Teacher Training Course, then the Advanced Teacher Training, and then participating in the Karma Yoga program. I now have new skills to further my health and spiritual growth, and I’m able to share these skills.

The teachers at the ashram are patient, knowledgeable, and kind. I found myself blown away by their efforts and teaching abilities. Needless to say, I love this place and will be returning to soak up the beautiful sun and ancient teachings. I am also excited to visit the other Sivananda ashrams around the world ... so much awaits!”


“Advanced Teacher Training Course”
—Tel Aviv, Israel graduate

“It’s been seven years since I completed my Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Bahamas, and I finally decided to do the Advanced training. My accommodation was a Tent Hut, which was very comfortable for the course and gave me privacy. It was a transformative experience for me, and I recommend it for anyone who has done the Yoga Teacher Training Course. I can't wait for the next time I go there.”


“Incredible TTC experience”
—Graduate from Montevideo, Uruguay

“When I decided to take the TTC I had no idea it would be such a life-changing experience. The ashram is an amazing place, where you can find people from all around the world united by the practice of yoga. The teachers are always willing to help and share their knowledge, the classes are comfortable in large open spaces, the surroundings are breathtaking, and you can always take a dip in the sea between classes.

I feel confident teaching and supported by other teachers and students. I am proud to be part of this beautiful and pure yoga lineage. I’m looking forward to returning to the ashram … and bringing my family on a yoga vacation!”


“Paradise does exist on earth! Highly recommended for a trip of a lifetime.”
—Singapore graduate

“I spent one month here for my Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training and it's simply LIFE CHANGING! The spirituality is very uplifting, people so friendly, and vibe wonderful! Daily vegetarian food is so tasty and varies every day. If there was just one trip you had to take in your lifetime, this has to be it.

Not ready for a Yoga Teacher Training yet? I bumped into many people who went there for Yoga Vacations again and again, and told me how much they loved it. The Karma Yogis come from places around the world and it's great to see the collaboration of their selfless service working around the clock for the seamless functioning of the ashram.

We were also very lucky to be there in January 2018 during the ashram's 50th anniversary. We got to experience many excellent performances, including the interfaith music festival, which was just amazing!

And yes, there is the pristine beach just behind the ashram, and the morning silent meditation walk on the beach is absolutely serene. What more can you ask for?”


“Changed the way I see the world and my role in it.”
—New York City graduate

“Not a day goes by that I don't miss being there, or that I don't miss my amazing fellow trainees, teachers, and ashram staff. The teachers are world-class, and the support staff and course assistants go above and beyond to make sure you succeed and have a positive experience. The training changed the way I see the world and my role in it, even though I've been practicing yoga for years and already had completed a different teacher training course a few years ago.

This experience isn't only about learning how to teach yoga — it's learning about yourself, learning how to manage your time, and understanding that you are limitless in your potential. The ashram itself is of course in a gorgeous setting.

The people who work there (all volunteers) give of themselves completely and tirelessly to ensure the entire place runs smoothly and with love. The food is delicious, nourishing, and not once did I feel hungry despite only eating twice a day instead of the three times per day like I'm used to at home.

Lastly, the teachers prepare you for re-entry into the outside world and their support continues even after the training.”


“This place is magical.”
—Vienna, Austria graduate

“This place is magical. The location alone is worth going there, but the ashram offers so much more. I did my Yoga Teacher Training there and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It is an intense, beautiful, and purifying experience that helped me grow on many different levels.

Our teachers were outstanding yogis and swamis, and I'll be forever grateful to have met them. You can learn and benefit so much if you're open to it and take full advantage of the satsangs, yoga classes, and workshops there.

The beach (I'll never forget the color of this water!) and yoga platforms are stunning, and the staff is very dedicated and welcoming. The food is out of this world. Every day, twice a day, there is an amazing buffet full of Ayurvedic vegetarian dishes that are never repetitive, always delicious (we're talking homemade bread, creative salads, exotic rice dishes, oven roasted veggies, hearty curries and stews, scrumptious casseroles and other baked goods), the list is endless. Vegetarian or not, everyone there loved it.

If you get the chance, go there. Become a yoga teacher or do Karma Yoga there. It will transform you ... I promise.”


“Tranquil paradise.”
—England, United Kingdom graduate

“I spent a month at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat to do my Yoga Teacher Training course.
All around, this is a fantastic place to rejuvenate and relax. It isn't your typical “vacation," and that’s the point! Remove yourself from the busy hustle and bustle of modern society to take life slowly, peacefully, calmly, with a focused discipline on some beneficial activities. You don't have to be religious or spiritual to enjoy the positive energy that fills the environment.”


“Graduation from TTC was more important to me than graduation from college.”
—Salem, Massachussetts graduate

“I came to the TTC, not with the intention of becoming a yoga teacher, but with the intention to learn the philosophy of yoga, spend time in sunshine, eat well, and recalibrate my mind, body and soul while meeting new friends and camping under the stars. What I gained from the month at the ashram was all of that, plus incredible wisdom, meditations, evening lecture series that took me all around the world and beyond, and a desire to teach yoga.

If you're considering a Yoga Teacher Training for personal growth, spiritual growth, or as an alternative income stream consider this: "What do you want to gain, what do you want to share, and how do you want to grow?" If you come to the conclusion that you are looking for an intense, authentic, classical education, guided by swamis, and well-educated teachers, then this may be the place for you..

The growth I experienced at the Sivananda ashram far outweighed the growth I experienced during my five years in college, but then I am not comparing apples to apples. I just want to say, “Thank you.”


“Excellent, motivated, and inspirational teachers.”
—Groningen, The Netherlands graduate

“I took the Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in the Sivananda Ashram on the Bahamas in March 2013. The course itself had excellent, motivated, and inspirational teachers. It covered all the different aspects of yoga on a very profound level and the people in the ashram (both guests and staff) have a very positive and friendly attitude. The course is very intensive, but therefore also very rewarding once you graduate. If you consider doing this course I would recommend to stay a few days longer to let the effects of the course sink in before going back into the ‘real’ world.”


“Paradise on Earth!”
—Lisbon, Portugal graduate

“This is really paradise. It’s a place where we can find ourselves, develop our knowledge and be in nature. I highly recommend it to everyone who would like to unwind, practice yoga, and learn other wonderful things related to yoga and wellness. It is an incredible place for a Yoga Teacher Training Course.”


Find out about Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in the Bahamas.

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