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Swami Medhananda Puri

What is Vedanta? Q&A with Swami Medhananda Puri

Swami Medhananda Puri is a distinguished traditional teacher of Vedanta. In 1979, he joined the Kailash Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where he was initiated into the Kailash monastic order. Over the years, he served as acharya at the ashram and in 1987, he was promoted to Treasurer and Manager. He has mastered the Vyakaranam, Mimamsa, Nyaya, Sankhya sastras, Advaita philosophy, Bhagavad Gita, ten principal Upanisads, and Brahmasutras. A teacher of teachers, many of his students have become acharyas who are now teaching around the world.

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One thought on “What is Vedanta? Q&A with Swami Medhananda Puri

  1. glenna pfeiffer

    Hi, This is just what I needed today, I am working on writing about meditation, art and the elements. I have studied many religions and I still believe all life is a play of divine love. I was there in 2012 taking a yoga therapy course and heard Swami Puri, I wanted to learn more from him. I wanted to take my 500 level from you and I need to. I find it hard to put it into words the transfer of consciousness and that plane of energy. I live in KY and feel I need to move, they are cutting off the top of mts. for coal, dumping mercury in our water etc. the elements need help, I believe the elements on the outside effect the elements on the inside of our bodies. Thanks, G

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