Vinay is a direct disciple of the world renowned Santoor Maestro Padma Vibhusan Pandit Shivkumar Sharmaji. After completing college in both Pre-pharmaceutical science as well as Pre-Law in Delaware, Vinay sought out to learn Santoor in India. Having had some background training in tabla and vocal, in 2011, Pandit Shivkumar Sharmaji guided Vinay to begin his training under Takahiro Arai and Kunal Gunjal, late Pandit Ramesh Mishra ji before being accepted by Panditji himself. Vinay regularly performs throughout USA, including Hawaii, Argentina, Canada, The Bahamas, Australia, and India.

Vinay is known for his superlative melodic improvisations and sharp sense of rhythm. With Shankh on tabla, they have an astonishing ability to embrace, dive into and reinterpret traditional music. His music is influenced by his stay in Ashrams and practices of ancient practices of meditation and Yoga. His music though entertaining is interwoven with the general feeling of peace and stillness.


Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
August 9 — 11, 2024
Vinay Desai and Shankh Lahiri

Experience meditative melodic improvisation that takes the listeners on a rhythmic journey to a place of deep stillness with musicians who have mastered their instruments with tutelage under legends.


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