Informed by his personal healing journey Northern California producer Scott Nice brings a union of electronic and acoustic sounds to both move the body and feed the soul. World prayers, flute and hand drum samples are a hallmark of Scott’s sound while the juxtaposition of his hip-hop turntablist roots create a one-of-a-kind dance journey.

Since 2016 Scott has released 6 full length albums working with many amazing collaborators such as El Buho, Mose, Poranguí, Alex Serra, Liquid Bloom, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Wildlight, Uji, Yemanjo, Volo, DJ Taz Rashid, Equanimous, and many more.

Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
January 30 — February 2, 2025
MC Yogi, Amanda Giacomini, and Scott Nice

Come experience a magical weekend filled with music, movement and mindfulness with this unique style of music that is inspiring lyrically and uplifting spiritually!


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