Mary Reed is a mystic wisdom guide and channel who had other plans for her life. In December 2000 she was a staunchly agnostic healthcare executive in Washington, DC when she began venturing uncontrollably into otherworldly realms in the company of Divine masters. Her “normal” life began to veer so far off course that she finally moved to a tiny nunnery in the Himalayas to come to terms with her unexpected abilities. Today Mary’s profound experiences and connections are both a road map and an invitation into the Divine wisdom we all hold within. Mary is the author of four books on spiritual awakening, including her award-winning memoir, Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of the Message of Love. More information about her books, weekly channeled teachings, private community, courses and more, please visit her website.


Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
October 25 — 28, 2024
Mary Reed

Discover the peace, joy, and vibrancy that is revealed as old paradigms end with the illumination of awakened being.


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