Arjun Baba, a leading kirtan artist for more than 20 years, is a musician focused on sharing the traditions of kirtan and Sufi Ghazal/Qawwali devotional music with the Western world. He also explores raga, melodies, and the beautiful history of Hindustani music.

With annual tours through UK, Europe, India, and the United States, Arjun expresses the beauty of this music and spiritual practice to many audiences. Since 1998, he has recorded volumes of diverse music, and he is a member of the Fanna Fi Allah Sufi Qawwali Party and the Dub Kirtan All Stars. He has also collaborated with DJ Drez, MC Yogi, and The Kirtaniyas. Born in New York City, he currently resides in Rishikesh, India, and returns to the West annually to share the path of musical devotion.

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