Alexandra D. Crosswell, PhD, is a national stress and well-being expert. She spent over 15 years leading research studies at top-tier medical centers focused on the mind-body connection. While uncovering the biological mechanisms that explain how stress dysregulates biological systems, she discovered something powerful — that the most evidence-based way to combat chronic stress is through spiritual practice. Giving our minds and bodies moments of quiet peaceful rest through contemplative practice, allows our cells to activate their natural healing capabilities. Alexandra now gives talks and leads workshops on how to manage stress, and consults for individuals and companies. She received her BA from Duke University, her PhD in Health Psychology from UCLA, and is a former medical school professor at University of California School of Medicine. She lives in Mill Valley, California, with her husband and three sons.


Upcoming Programs

Yoga Vacation Program
January 20 — 22, 2025
Alexandra Crosswell, PhD

This program will explore solutions to implement in daily life to counteract stress, restore your energy, and rejuvenate your mind and body. You will learn the ways in which your body is responding to stress, and evidence-based techniques to help you build stress resilience.


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