Acharya Shunya is a teacher of Ayurveda principles, and the designer of the detox and Chef Sanjai is a teacher of Ayurveda cuisine, and the developer of the detox recipes, many of which  are inspired from research of Ayurvedic source texts dating as far back as 2 BCE. Together, Acharya Shunya and Chef Sanjai co-founded Vedika Global in  2007, a not-for-profit teaching and learning foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they shared over healing 200 recipes and lead annual detoxes for their global community of seekers and students who came  to them from different parts of the world, to learn Ayurveda, in its truest form, along with its  sister sciences of  Yoga  and Vedanta. Both teachers enjoy a league of beneficiaries, who are grateful they followed the careful guidance provided by their teachers, who never compromised the principles of Ayurveda in favor of recent trends and fads. The results of their teaching and leading experiential detox are deeply restorative  for human health and the experience, profoundly healing, also delicious, in an unforgettable way.


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