Dan Millman and Living on Purpose: Straight Answers to Universal Questions


living-on-purpose-book | sivanandabahamas.orgIf Dan Millman's novel The Way of the Peaceful Warrior were viewed as a road map to living a healthier, happier, and more spiritually balanced life, his book Living on Purpose: Straight Answers to Universal Questions serves as the signposts on the journey.

This wonderfully clear and concise book contains 25 profound teachings, or House Rules, that help readers flow around obstacles in what Millman calls the "changing tides of life."

In addition to the House Rules, each teaching is followed workbook-style with a series of questions that prompt readers to reflect and apply the teaching to their own lives and thus, embody the power of the teaching — a perfect example of Millman's philosophy that knowing is not as powerful as doing.

Millman explores issues such as overcoming failures, changing expectations, trusting the process, finding balance, and many more. Each question is relevant to seeking relief from life’s ups and downs.

This book is a must-have companion volume for all those who read, loved, and were changed by The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and who want to explore the powerful teachings on a deeper, more personal, and profound level.

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