Yoga Vacation Program
May 13 — 16, 2024

An Ocean of Song: Mantra, Poetry and Creative Practice

Jahnavi Harrison

Join Jahnavi Harrison for a dive into the limitless ocean of devotional song! Through workshops we will explore the words of both ancient and contemporary saint-poets and mystics; practise writing our own poetic offerings and begin to create a personal ‘song-mala’ – a string of beads that aids meditation on these musical treasures. Evening satsang sessions will be dedicated to the practice of kirtan – the healing and energising practise of call-and-response mantra singing. Deepen your connection with your own voice through collective singing; immerse in timeless wisdom in the company of a like minded group, and find rejuvenation and renewed inspiration in the pristine natural surroundings and devotional atmosphere. Jahnavi will be joined by accompanying musicians who will together lead you through a joyful and deep 3 day experience!

Offered as 3 workshops and 4 satsangs (subject to change).

Jahnavi Harrison is a musician, writer, artist and practitioner of bhakti-yoga. She spent her formative years at Bhaktivedanta Manor in England, in a rich environment where mantra chanting and sacred art were a part of everyday life. With a background in both Western and Eastern classical music and dance, she has pursued a path of self realisation and service through artistic expression. For over 15 years she has offered her voice and violin playing in the performance of sacred music and call-and-response mantra kirtan, in venues as diverse as corporates, schools, prisons, theaters, hospitals, yoga studios and temples. She aspires to create art and facilitate experiences which heal, uplift and nourish the spirit. Now based in California; she regularly leads live gatherings, concerts and retreats around the world.


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