Yoga Vacation Program
August 6 — 8, 2024


The Nurturing and Peaceful Art of Non-Violence

Bhargavi Chaitanya

In the eightfold path of Raja Yoga, the foremost practice mentioned is nonviolence. Traditionally referring to the non-killing or harming of others, ahimsa also extends itself to mean non-injury in thought, word, or deed to any living being. While this may seem like a lofty goal to some, the idea is to be diligent in the practice of ahimsa. This can be done by cultivating awareness of the many disguises that violence can have, which are often subtle. Even thoughts of guilt, shame, and resentment all have seeds of violence within them, so purity of thought is also a practice of ahimsa. How can we, as yogis and as people, cultivate compassion toward others? How can we continuously extend compassion in new ways? This is the fundamental practice of being a yogi.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change).

The presentations associated with this Yoga Vacation Program begin with an 8pm satsang on the first day of the program and conclude with an 8pm satsang on the last day of the program.  Click here to read more about the Yoga Vacation Program details and view the ashram schedule for yoga classes and meals during your stay. We suggest you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your program for the optimal experience

Bhargavi Chaitanya is an experienced yoga teacher and has been a staff member in the Sivananda organization since 2006.  Bhargavi Chaitanya teaches courses on yoga, meditation, positive thinking, the power of thought, cooking workshops, advanced yoga courses, yoga for adolescents, and more. She is known for her gentle teaching style and for the inner peace and love her students are experiencing while taking her classes.

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