Community Voices: Using Yoga to Heal Illness and Chronic Conditions

Have you used yoga to heal an illness or chronic condition?

What happened? How did yoga help?

Please share your story below and inspire others. (It doesn't have to be long to be inspiring!)

One thought on “Community Voices: Using Yoga to Heal Illness and Chronic Conditions

  1. Linda

    I began practicing yoga in 1995 by an invitation from a friend. At the time I was going through a divorce and I had a tremendous amount of anxiety. I had no idea what yoga was or how I could benefit.
    After my first class of Classical yoga I felt amazingly calm, something I hadn’t felt in years, if ever. At first I felt something was wrong with me because the feeling of calmness wasn’t familiar at all.
    I couldn’t wait to go back to my next class. Overtime with the regular practice of Classical yoga the lifetime of anxiety that I experienced ceased and I became free to experience the beauty of life and in 2007 I became a Sivananda Yoga Teacher.


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