Brown Rice Sushi Rolls

Brown Rice Sushi Rolls and Arame Salad with Sesame Seeds

We are grateful to Akiko (Sri Devi), a Sivananda Yogi in Japan, for these fantastic recipes, full of flavors, colors, and nutrients. Perfect for a brunch gathering, a special evening meal, or a potluck with yoga friends.

A Karma Yogi and cooking instructor, Sri Devi¬†was at the Sivananda Center in New York City for the month of March, cooking and teaching cooking ‚ÄĒ the Brown Rice Sushi Rolls were one of her most popular dishes. Enjoy!

Brown Rice Sushi Rolls

Serves 10-12 (5 rolls)


3 Cups brown rice
3 pinches sea salt
3 Tbsp ume plum vinegar
5 Tbsp roasted sesame seeds
wasabi powder (make paste with water)
10 leaves kale, boiled
2-3 small carrots, julienned and boiled
3 Cups cabbage, shredded
Vegenaise to taste
1 block firm tofu
1/3 Cup soy sauce
1/3 Cup apple juice
grated ginger to taste
5 nori sheets
bamboo sushi roller


  1. Cook brown rice with salt in a pot (instructions below).
  2. After brown rice is cooked, add ume plum vinegar and mix well.
  3. Make wasabi paste.
  4. Roast sesame seeds.
  5. Boil kale with salt in a pot.
  6. Julienne carrots and boil with salt in a pot.
  7. Shred a cabbage. Add cabbage and salt in a bowl and mix well. After they sweat, strain the excess water, and mix with Vegenaise.
  8. Cut tofu into long cubes. Marinate cubes with soy sauce, apple juice and giner juice for 15 minutes.
  9. Bake marinated tofu in the oven at 450F for 20-30 minutes.
  10. Put nori on the bamboo sushi roller and spread brown rice over the nori sheet. Add wasabi, sesame seeds, carrots, cabbage, and kale on top of the brown rice.
  11. Roll the nori with the ingredients.
  12. Cut sushi roll into 8 pieces.


Brown Rice

(cooked in a pot, not a steamer)


1 Cup rice (serves 4 people)
1 3/4 Cups filtered water
a pinch of salt


  1. Rinse rice 3 times using filtered water, then drain.
  2. Combine rice, water, and salt in a pot.
  3. Cook on high until boiling, then reduce heat to low.
  4. Turn off after 45 minutes, stir rice, and cover for 10 minutes.


Arame Salad with Sesame Seeds

Serves 6-8

Arame is a seaweed and contains calcium, iodine, magnesium, vitamin A, and other minerals. One to two tablespoons twice a week provides a great natural nutrient boost.


1 oz. dried arame
1 1/2 Tbsp sesame oil
3 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Cup of matchstick-sized carrot
kernels from one cob of corn
3 Tbsp sesame seeds


  1. Wash arame quickly under cold running water.
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy skillet, then saute the arame over a medium flame for a few minutes.
  3. Add carrot, corn kernels, and water to cover pan and cook 20 minutes, or until arame is tender.
  4. Season with soy sauce, and simmer until dry.
  5. Just before serving, toast the sesame seeds in a separate pan over a medium-high flame for 4-5 minutes. Stir constantly and shake the pan to heat evenly.
  6. When the seeds turn light brown and fragrant, remove from heat, and grind them in a mortar and pestle (Japanese style ones are called suribachi).
  7. Sprinkle the grated sesame seeds over arame and serve.

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