The Power of Sacred Sounds: How to Use Mantra to Cultivate Balance

The long use of Sanskrit mantras continues into the modern day; this ancient practice can bring incredible benefit to your own life and is easy to incorporate into the busiest of schedules. Read more to discover how to uplift yourself with mantra and how to use and incorporate mantra practices (such as kirtan, meditation with a japa mala, etc.) in your daily life so that you too can experience profound benefits for energy, concentration, and mental health. 

The Enchanted Life of Nina Rao: Chanting, Krishna Das, and the Hanuman Chalisa

It’s February 2016, and for several nights before the annual Krishna Das Yoga of Chant Retreat at the ashram, Nina Rao joins a group of ashram guests and yogis in the temple to recite a chapter of the Baghavad Gita and sing kirtan. A little later, she …

Durga Das Blends Music and Devotional Practice

  He’s a spiritual songwriter and kirtan singer, whose musical treatment of the mantra has been known to bring audiences to their feet, transported by the joyousness of his sound.   David Newman (Durga Das) has been welcomed annually at the a …

Singing to God: The Resurgence of Kirtan

Chanting, kirtan, devotional music — by whatever name you call it, the lure of ancient call-and-response singing in the name of God is on the rise. “Chanting wakes up our hearts,” says kirtan singer Luna Ray, who opened the On the Wings of Ecstasy devo …

Chanting Ahimsa

by Nicole Vahlkamp (Nirmala) It is 6 o’clock in the morning and 200 people are sitting cross-legged on a large wooden platform surrounded by palm trees made slightly iridescent by the contrast between the slowly rising sun and the shadows of the dissol …

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