10 Amazing Things About Living at the Ashram


The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat welcomes students, yoga vacationers, spiritual aspirants, distinguished presenters from around the world — and Karma Yogis for the Residential Study Program.

Karma Yogis enroll for at least one to three months of intensive yoga immersion, including selfless service, meditation, pranayama, asana, study, and reflection. Though everyone in the Karma Yoga program will have their ups and downs, it is a program of deep transformation that creates many invitations to practice selflessness. Over time, we let go of our attachment to things being a certain way, usually our way, and we drop into a deeper motivation for contributing our actions and our hearts to a greater good.

Written by a longtime karma yogi, here are some of the best parts of living at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas and practicing selfless service, one of the most important yogic paths.

  1. We live in a sacred, spiritual sanctuary that has been cultivated with love and purity for 50 years.
  2. We live among some of the kindest, wisest, most advanced yogis in the world.
  3. We serve and we are also served. As a community, we clean, cook, and teach for each other, performing all duties and functions of the ashram.
  4. We live close to nature and benefit from the strong healing energy of Paradise Island.
  5. We are reminded and woken up every morning to meditate.
  6. Yoga class is only a few steps away.
  7. We receive spiritual guidance on a regular basis.
  8. We practice selfless service and learn how to give from the heart without attachment to the fruits of our work.
  9. Every evening we meditate, chant, and listen to renowned presenters about the many facets and branches of spirituality.
  10. We feel more free every day by finding balance in discipline, healing, spiritual progress, and love for others.


Curious? Find out more about the Karma Yoga program.


One thought on “10 Amazing Things About Living at the Ashram


    HI Annie here (durga) Im thinking of coming and doing karma yoga . I did warriors at ease, TTC and ATTC with you all in the last couple of years.Do I have to do the 5 day course? I practise sivananda every day! Not sure when id be able to come but would like to come january maybe 3 months?

  2. Karen Spadavecchia

    I have always been curious, since I was a child. Started delving into spirituality when I was young before I realized I was different, or that I was even searching. There have been many lifetimes within this lifetime that have led me to believe there must be something more because this societal, judgmental way people live hurts my heart. Many negative experiences have led me to ask Why?. And I eventually realized I only considered them negative because of societal judgements. I now call them diversions… times when I experienced life outside the box. I need to explore the person who helps total strangers, with a smile, and understand why I’m smiling. There’s a Joy within me that I have never truly honored or explored… Always giving more to others and sidestepping my own happiness. But I’m not sure what true Happiness is. What concerns me is that an Ashram is just another society. There’s an elemental of fear an Ashram, with it’s rules and regulations, is another society where I may feel I don’t fit in. I have spent time in an Ashram environment twice, for a weekend, but I feel a weekend isn’t long enough. I need to immerse myself in the truth of their mission before I decide if it is what I need to help me emerge into the being I am meant to be. But there is one element which may already cast me aside… I have two cats, a brother and sister, and I can not abandon them. They are my only companions. Is it possible to bring them along?

  3. misty

    Could you tell me if the November 6 date is still available for the Karma Yoga program? Thank you,,

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