Travel Planning Pre-Arrival Information

We look forward to welcoming you. Below is some information you will find useful in planning your upcoming stay at the ashram.

Travel Planning

Fly directly to Nassau International Airport. Please note that the Bahamas is an independent country and you will need a passport to travel here.

Most citizens from the US, Canada, and European countries do not need a visa to visit the Bahamas (you can verify whether you require a visa to enter the Bahamas at Bahamas.com or by contacting the closest Bahamian Consulate).

Cell Phones: Check with your cell phone company to find out how to use your phone in the Bahamas. Electrical outlets are compatible with US appliances.

Internet: Free WiFi is available throughout the ashram grounds. Please note that WiFi is not available during morning and evening satsangs (6:00-8:00 am and 8:00-10:00 pm), which everyone is invited to attend.

Money: You can use American or Bahamian dollars throughout the Bahamas and at the ashram. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash (US dollars), and US certified bank drafts to the name Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. We do not accept personal checks, travelers checks, or American Express.


  • After collecting your luggage and passing through customs, call us at +1-242-363-2902 or use WhatsApp (+1-242-426-6780), with the airport’s free wi-fi, to let us know you are on your way and we will send our boat to meet you at our dock in Nassau.
  • Up to and including June 9th take a taxi to our dock at Elizabeth on Bay Marketplace and Marina (on the corner of Bay Street and Elizabeth Ave) in downtown Nassau. After June 9th take a taxi to our new dock on Deveaux St. and off of Bay street. You can pay for the taxi with American or Bahamian dollars (you can use either currency throughout the Bahamas and at the ashram). The cost of the taxi will be approximately $45 (plus a surcharge for more than two people and extra luggage).
  • Our boat will pick you up from our dock and take you to the ashram, a five-minute boat ride across the bay from the dock in Nassau. While there is a regular boat schedule, we will do our best to ensure that our boat meets you at the dock in a timely manner so you do not have to wait long.

What to Bring

As the ashram is a spiritual community and study center, we ask that clothing be respectable and modest. Guests are invited to dress in casual, comfortable clothes suitable for warm days and cool evenings. Around the ashram, summer attire is completely appropriate, including shorts, skirts, and summer tops (although halter tops, low necklines, and short shorts and mini-skirts are not). Of course, bathing suits are worn on the beach; we simply ask that you wear a cover-up on the way to the beach. In satsang and the temples, knees and shoulders should be covered; we recommend bringing a meditation shawl.

Yoga mat (bring your own or purchase one from the boutique); beach towel (they are not provided); meditation cushion (optional), toiletries (including soap), slip-on sandals, rainwear, flashlight, insect repellent, alarm clock, insulated travel mug, water bottle, and sunscreen. You may also wish to bring snorkeling equipment. Some guests bring dry snack foods, such as nuts and energy bars.

For tent space only: bring your own tent, bedding, and towels.

What’s Available On-Site

We serve two delicious vegetarian meals a day, prepared with love and care according to yogic dietary principles. Both brunch and dinner offer nourishing vegetable, grain, and/or bean dishes as well as hearty soups. Brunch also includes fruit, homemade granola, and freshly made yogurt. Raw fixings to make your own salad are offered at both meals, as well as our own baked bread. We also serve a daily herbal tea selection.

In accordance with a yogic diet, absent from the menu are meat, fish, fowl, eggs, garlic, onions, and caffeinated tea and coffee.

Our Health Hut kitchen in the Boutique offers fresh-baked goods for purchase, as well as smoothies, frozen fruit bars, and other selected treats. Dry snack foods, such as nuts, energy bars, and chips are also available for purchase.

The Boutique and Bookstore contains an extensive selection of spiritual books, cassettes and CDs, clothing for yoga classes, yoga mats, meditation cushions, other yoga-related items, gifts, and spiritual paintings. Certain food supplements, toiletries, notebooks and pens are also available.

Our Well Being Center is open mid-December through May and offers healing massage and Ayurvedic treatments and consultations designed to bring you back into a natural state of health, balance, and joy. We recommend scheduling your sessions before you arrive to ensure availability as appointments often sell out. Call us at 1-416-479-0199 ext. 116 or email wellbeingcenter@sivananda.org to make an appointment.Find out more.

While You Are Here

Please plan to immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle. Our Daily Schedule creates the ashram’s routines and your participation in the morning and evening satsangs and yoga classes forms the heart of your stay and is strongly recommended.

6:00 am           Satsang: meditation, chanting, and a talk (or a Silent Walk)

8:00 am           Yoga Class: pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), and relaxation

10:00 am          Brunch

4:00 pm           Yoga Class: pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), and relaxation

6:00 pm           Dinner

8:00 pm           Satsang: meditation, chanting, and a talk or performance


  • There are laundry facilities on-site and tokens for the washer and dryer, as well as laundry soap, are available for purchase at the Boutique.
  • Guests are responsible for personal belongings and valuables. There are no safety deposit boxes available at the ashram.

We wish you safe travels.

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