Parvati Chaitanya is a senior staff member of the ashram with many years of experience teaching, studying, and practicing yoga. She currently serves the ashram as caretaker of the gardens.

Upcoming Programs

Sivananda Essentials Course
August 9 — 11, 2024
Parvati Chaitanya

In this weekend program, learn meditation to improve your concentration and happiness and experience less stress and anxiety in daily life.

Sivananda Essentials Course
September 13 — 15, 2024
Parvati Chaitanya

Discover simple, practical tools for entertaining positive and creative thoughts.

Sivananda Essentials Course
September 23 — 27, 2024
Parvati Chaitanya

Relax, take a break from your life and discover how to find inner peace, contentment and happiness from within.


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