Earn 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Dive into a 2-month immersion in authentic yoga studies in the Bahamas.

Spend March and April with us and become qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour teacher.


Begin March 4 – 31, 2016 with the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC):

  • Awaken or deepen your yoga practice
  • Gain a solid foundation in a classical yoga tradition
  • Live a yogic lifestyle, including vegetarian diet and daily practices
  • Experience Karma Yoga, selfless service for a common good
  • Connect with a spiritual lineage of peace and healing, passed down by masters.

Continue April 3 – 30, 2016 with the Advanced Teacher Training Course (ATTC):

Deepen your studies of

  • Hatha Yoga: learn advanced variations and prolonged holding of the asanas (postures); learn to better manage your energy flow with advanced pranayama (breathing practices), mudras (energy seals) and bandhas (energy locks).
  • Jnana Yoga (the Yoga of Wisdom): expand your knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, including study of Jnana Yoga theory and Vedantic meditation techniques.
  • Sanskrit: learn the Sanskrit alphabet and correct pronunciation and spelling of mantras and hymns.
  • Raja Yoga: dive deeper into your mind through an in-depth study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  • Bhakti Yoga: open your heart to true love through studies of the nine modes of Bhakti and the five attitudes of devotion (Bhavas).
  • Karma Yoga: explore Karma Yoga as an inner attitude of selfless service.

Please note that there are no pre-requisites for the TTC; yoga is for everyone. All you need is the willingness to say yes and apply yourself.


  • Take the TTC and ATTC back-to-back and save 10% on each tuition.
  • PLUS save $500 on the April ATTC through our special offer. Check it out.

March and April are a great time of the year at the ashram, with beautiful weather and a lot of wonderful satsang presentations, performances, and events including:


  • Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Emotions with Uma Krishnamurthy
  • Quantum Activism with Asmit Goswami
  • Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit with Dan Millman
  • Neuroscience and Spirituality Symposium
  • Yoga and Sacred Healing Easter Symposium


  • Health and Longevity with John Douillard
  • Meditation as a Path to Enlightenment Interfaith Symposium
  • Symposium on Healing Trauma
  • Kirtan with Shimshai
  • Passover Celebration

View the full calendar of programs for March and April.

Interested? View Costs, Housing Options, Schedules, Curriculum, and more: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) and Advanced Teacher Training Course (ATTC).

To register for the TTC + ATTC 500-hour training, please call us:

1-866-559-5167 (US and Canada only)
  • 1-416-479-0199 (all countries)

A $600 deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance is due upon arrival.

Read our Payment and Cancellation Policy.

If you have any questions, please call or email us at [email protected].

Expand Your Horizons with Us.


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