Experiential Course
December 10 — 14, 2016

Vegetarian and Vegan Delights

Exploring Thai Cooking

Gigi Cohen
Registration is closed for this course.
Tuition: $395


Expand your culinary repertoire! In this course with vegetarian chef, entrepreneur, and cookbook author Gigi Cohen, you will explore the wonderful diversity of Thai flavors and foods, while demystifying vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cooking. As a group, we will make two meals a day and have an afternoon lecture or workshop. In addition to discovering the basics of Thai food, you will learn simple solutions for cooking and eating a healthier diet by learning how to use good fats, incorporate super foods, and bring your seasonings alive with simple citrus and herb options. You will also learn how to navigate the health-food store, start menu planning, and work with your leftovers in order to make the most out of every meal. Come discover the joy of delicious, nutritious meals that are fun and easy to make.


Gigi Cohen has been the entrepreneur of several vegetarian food restaurants, has her own cookbook, Nourishing Friends, and has been bringing healthful, vegetarian cooking to her community for more than 25 years. Her vibrant and delicious meals strongly reflect her belief in the mind-body connection. Gigi integrates the healing power of super foods along with her extensive experience with regional flavors into a cooking and dining experience that delivers as much nutrition as flavor and delight.

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