Yoga Vacation Program
March 16 — 19, 2024

Using Inner Peace, Love and Indigenous Wisdom to Create an Ecological Civilization

John Perkins

Shamans, like psychotherapists, quantum physicists, and marketing executives understand that
we change reality by altering our mindsets, our dreams — our perceptions. When we confront
our personal and communal fears, biases, and blockages, we empower ourselves to channel them
into perceptions that alter reality in positive ways.

During these sessions, John leads us through step-by-step processes that focus our minds, emotions, and bodies on attaining inner peace, opening ourselves to deeper love, and enhancing social, environmental, and personal relationships. John describes his many years of training with shamans in the Amazon and elsewhere and how he transformed himself from economic hit man to environmental activist.

Drawing on his NY Times bestselling books, consulting, coaching, and experiences with diverse cultures on every continent, John teaches practices that transform blockages and use inner peace and our ability to love to attain our personal goals while creating sustainable futures.

John’s story is an affirmation that by changing perceptions, we can transform our individual lives
and turn a system that defines us as apart from nature into one that embraces the knowledge that
we are a part of nature. In the process we create an Ecological Civilization.

As a major consulting firm Chief Economist John was advisor to the World Bank, UN, Fortune 500 corporations, and governments in many other countries. His twelve books, including the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man trilogy, Shapeshifting, Psychonavigation, and The Stress-Free Habit, spent 70+ weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, are published in 38 languages, and sold millions of copies.

John has lectured at more than 50 universities and been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, Time, The New York Times, Elle, Der Spiegel, and others. John first learned about the power of using perceived reality to change objective reality when he was initiated by Amazonian shamans in 1968-71 and later from other teachers around the world; he has used this knowledge to help individuals, corporations, universities, and governments.

John is a founder of the nonprofits Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance. He has received many awards, including the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Peace Prize – along with Lady Gaga and Pussy Riot.

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