Yoga Vacation Program
June 10 — 13, 2023

Upadesha Saram of Ramana Maharshi

Swami Paramananda Giri

Sri Ramana Maharshi’s famous text, Upadesha Saram (“The Essence of Spiritual Instruction”), expounds the various paths to liberation, all of which culminate in the path of Self-inquiry. In the first 15 verses, Sri Ramana Maharshi has laid down the paths of selfless service, devotion, and meditation, which refine the mind and prepare it for the practice of Self-inquiry. The remaining 15 verses are devoted to the path of Self-inquiry, which leads to Self-realization and spiritual liberation.

Join us for an engaging series of satsang talks on this sublime text.

Offered as 6 satsangs. (Subject to change)

Swami Paramananda Giri joined the prestigious Sri Kailas Ashram Brahma Vidya Peetha in 2001 and was initiated into Naishtika Brahmacharya by Shrimat Swami Vidyananda Giriji Maharaj. He was initiated into Sannyasa shortly after. He studied Panineeya Sanskrit grammar, Nyaya of Kapil, Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Prasthana Traya of Advaita Vedanta, and other subsidiary texts of Vedanta. Swami Paramananda Giri currently resides in the Tattvamasi ashram, and teaches Vedanta and Sanskrit to his students.

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