Yoga Vacation Program
March 1 — 3, 2022

A Unified View of the World

Lessons from Lord Siva and Quantum Mechanics

Menas Kafatos

Maha Sivaratri (Night of Siva) is the most auspicious celebration of Lord Siva, and one of the most sacred nights on the yogic calendar. After this momentous all-night celebration of chant and puja, join scientist and practitioner of Triadic Saivism, Menas Kafatos, for an exploration of the ways modern science and ancient wisdom mirror each other.

Examine what science says about the nature of reality, what the Saivite scriptures say, and how the common findings are relevant for humans in our search for meaning in our lives. Gain perspective on some of life’s most important questions: What is reality? How do we live our daily lives? What answers can science provide and is Quantum Mechanics relevant? These are questions that upon contemplation enhance practical steps to a fulfilling and loving life.

Offered as 1 satsang and 2 workshops (subject to change)

Menas Kafatos, PhD, is a quantum physicist, cosmologist, and climate-change researcher who works extensively on consciousness. He has 44 years of experience in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research, and he holds seminars and workshops for individuals and organizations on the natural laws that apply everywhere and are the foundations of the universe.

Menas is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics and Director of the Center of Excellence of Earth Systems Modeling and Observations at Chapman University in California. He is an international scholar with the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering also serving as an advisor on the BK21 Plus Eco-Leader Education Center at Korea University in Seoul, Korea as well as an affiliated researcher at the National Observatory of Athens, Greece.

Menas has authored 310-plus articles and published or co-authored 19 books, including The Conscious Universe and Looking In, Seeing Out, and maintains several Huffington Post blogs. He is also co-author with Deepak Chopra of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Universe, which has now been translated into 18 different languages, the latest being Greek. Menas is often interviewed for international television networks, newspapers, and radio.

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