Yoga Vacation Program
February 27 — March 1, 2025

The Joy of Collage

Suzi Edwards

Pablo Picasso and George Braque, two of the most prominent artists of the 20th century discovered the joy of collage. They collected newspaper clippings, theatre tickets and snippets of drawings, and each assembled memorable works of art. You too can create timeless art that combines photographs, clippings from books and magazines, pictures of your favorite gurus and deities, drawings and text , to create art that expresses your hopes and dreams, fears and conquests.

Join Suzi K. Edwards, renowned mosaic artist and yogi trained by Swami Vishnu himself, to create your own paper mosaic aka collage. Add seashells, cut out images from postcards, and bits and pieces that you bring from home, to create memorable artworks that express your life on the spiritual path. No previous artistic training necessary . All materials will be supplied.

Offered as 3 workshops (subject to change).

The presentations associated with this Yoga Vacation Program begin with a 2 pm workshop on the first day of the program and conclude with a 2 pm workshop on the last day of the program.  Click here to read more about the Yoga Vacation Program details and view the ashram schedule for yoga classes and meals during your stay. We suggest you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your program for the optimal experience.


Suzi Edwards is an artist, author, yogi, teacher, mother, grandma, and lover of dogs. She loves obsessed making art on her iPad, and huge mosaics for the sides of buildings. She finds inspiration in many places: the flight of the butterfly, treasures seen across the globe, characters in cafes, people on the street, dreams, and hidden treasures of nature discovered on country walks. Visions are everywhere.

For the last two decades she has been creating, fabricating and installing large scale mosaic and architectural ceramic installations on public buildings across Florida. The Florida Botanical Gardens, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre and the main Palm Beach County Library are just a few.

Suzi has spent years in Yoga ashrams in the US and India, and her memoir “Quiet Mind Crazy Heart“ is available on Amazon.


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