Yoga Vacation Program
November 23 — 26, 2022


A Practice in Embodiment


Is your body stiff? Are there places where you hold tension? Take time away, retreat from the world and restore the flexibility of your soul through movement and music with renowned teacher Zuleikha. Gratitude is known to help people feel more positive emotions. Opening our hearts up to the things that we are thankful for allows to truly relish good experiences while dealing with adversity and building strong relationships. When we choose to explore gratitude through movement, we release stress from our skin and bones, improving our health, sleep, and general outlook.

Why express gratitude through movement and music with Zuleikha?

Expressing the feeling of gratitude and actively giving thanks is a must-have practice in one’s arsenal for self-care in this modern age of loud news about misery and warfare. The practice of giving thanks has been shown to be holistic, uniting the body, heart, mind, and spirit. In this program, you will utilize music, exploration of movement, stillness, and the theme of gratitude to release the year’s stress, unwind the body, clear the mind, re-energize the spirit and prepare yourself for greater things to come.

The Caribbean oasis of Paradise Island, the quiet retreat of the ashram grounds and the masterful teachings offered by this program present an invitation to take time for yourself, time to listen to the way movement reveals itself in the heart of your own body-house. You will discover various techniques for Gratitude, release through Movement, and calmness through Music and Silence. You will learn how to breathe in Gratitude and breathe out Gratitude. This practice…

  • Opens the doors of our hearts
  • Bring fresh possibility into our minds
  • Allow our beings to drop into the spaciousness of the body

Who is Zuleikha?

Zuleikha is known for her joyful transformative Self-Care and Movement work. Whether it is movement sessions with businesses, trafficked women, palliative cancer patients, and families, or people who love to move, she brings the practice of the joy of movement into life. Come and enjoy the zest for life at a time of Giving Thanks, through movement, music and nature. No expertise is necessary. Join us as we enter a willingness to enter into sacred space, inside and out.

Offered as 2 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change)

International performer and wellness educator, Zuleikha, weaves a unique tapestry of rhythm, dance, music, spirit, humor, and spontaneity. She is renowned for her concert collaborations in movement and story with poet and translator of Rumi, Coleman Barks, and other world musicians, and for her innovative teaching. Zuleikha is the recipient of a number of humanitarian awards for promoting positive personal and social change.


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