Yoga Vacation Program
March 20 — 24, 2023

Teachings from Ramcharitamanas by Sant Tulsidas

The Tallest Tree in the Magic Garden

Swami Prakashananda

“The story of the lord is endless as are his glories.” Sant Tulsidas

Ramcharitamanas is a retelling of the epic poem Ramayana in Awadhi (versus the original in Sanskrit), composed by the 16th-century Indian poet Sant Tulsidas. The story is distinguished both by its great expression of love for a personal god and by its exemplification through its characters of the ideal conduct of a husband and ruler (Rama), wife (Sita), and brother (Lakshmana).

Ramcharitamanas is the longest and earliest work of Sant Tulsidas (who is also well-known for composing the Hanuman Chalisa). Join us as Swami Prakashananda continues his sweeping Caribbean tour teaching this beloved text to devotees with his usual joy and devotion.

Offered as 8 satsangs (subject to change).

Swami Prakashananda is founder and acharya of the Chinmaya Mission of Trinidad and Tobago and travels extensively giving spiritual discourse. He met Swami Chinmayananda while studying for a bachelor’s degree in Toronto and soon joined the Chinmaya Mission. He studied scripture in Mumbai and taught for several years in India and Nepal before returning to his native Trinidad.

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