Online Program

Southern Indian Classical Music and Dance Festival

Suba Ramesh Parmar and Swamimalai K. Suresh

This program is offered live through Zoom. Register at no cost. Donations are much appreciated and go towards supporting the ashram’s mission.

Join us for an elevating and stirring experience of Southern Indian classical music and dance,
as renowned masters come together to share to their musical gifts. One of the oldest systems of music in the world, the style of Carnatic music can be traced back to India from 5,000 years ago. This musical system is native to Southern India and evolved from a spiritual tradition emphasizing the voice — with rich lyrical compositions that span a tremendous range of style, nuance, and aesthetic value.

Considered to be a high spiritual form of both worship and art, Carnatic music appeals beyond its culture of origin, transcending nations, philosophies, and religions. It attracts spiritual seekers on a vibrational level and brings forth harmony, inspiration, and musical messages.

You’re invited for this rare opportunity to listen to and watch lifelong practitioners of classical music and dance. Allow yourself to be moved by the unique rhythmic power of Indian music, as well as inspired to open your heart — feeling the harmony, peace, and beauty within yourself and the music.

Suba Ramesh Parmar, Founder, Shubanjali School of Performing Arts, NJ is a highly sought after dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and a proponent of the vintage Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Presidential Scholar’s “Most Influential Teacher Award” (2015) by the Obama Administration and the most recent “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Spandana, NJ. She has received rave reviews for her exemplary original dance productions, including ‘Santa N’ Shiva,’ Rendezvous with Shubanjali’, ‘Splash the Wonder,’ ‘Tales of Krishna,’ ‘Chauladevi,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Lured by the Myths’, ‘Oneness’, ‘Tribute to the Legends’, ‘Tattva Tapas Tejas”, TATHASTU, among many others. She has been regularly performing for the Sivananda Organizations worldwide for over 29 Years in US, Canada, Bahamas, South America and Europe.  She is an excellent storyteller and through the medium of Indian classical dance, brings to life the philosophy and stories from Mythology making them understandable to global audiences.



Swamimalai K. Suresh is a veteran artiste and an internationally-recognized nattuvanar. He is an accomplished vocalist, composer, dancer, and choreographer, and hails from a family of renowned musicians who guided him through rigorous musical training at a young age. He holds advanced degrees in music and is a guest faculty at the Madras University Indian Music Department and Kalakshetra.

As part of a rare group of artists, Suresh is able to conduct a full dance recital with nattuvangam (wielding of cymbals) while simultaneously providing vocal accompaniment. Recipient of many notable awards, he is the Director of the Samarpana Academy of Fine Arts, Chennai and Co-Artistic Director at Shubanjali School of Performing Arts, USA

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