Online Program

Shakti: Energizing the Transformation of Consciousness


Dale Buegel

Tuition: Sliding scale donation

Program Type: Live Online Satsangs

Date & Time: Sun-Mon, Nov 22-23, 8pm ET


Shakti is the life force feminine energy that moves throughout the entire universe. Known as “The Great Divine Mother,” Shakti energy represents the elements of creativity, change, and destruction, but is ultimately responsible for restoring balance to all things. On an individual level, Shakti assists you to address your own personal demons, draw on the power of the divine feminine (whether you are male or female), and restore balance to your energetic centers. This energy often remains dormant within us, until we actively awaken it through yoga or energetic practices.

In this program, you will move through the practices of awakening and balancing the Shakti energy within your dvādaśānta (twelve major chakras) and the minor chakras associated with the ājñā chakra (third eye). As you energize your chakras through these practices, you bring awareness to the reality of Self and begin to transform your consciousness.

Dale Buegel, MD, has 40 years’ experience teaching yoga disciplines. Integrating extensive training in allopathic medicine, bodywork therapies, and energetic medicine, he is known for teaching skillful mastery of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

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