Yoga Vacation Program
March 6 — 10, 2024

Presence of Siva, the Great Self of All

Non-dual Kashmir Saivism

Menas Kafatos

Join us as we examine the great philosophical tradition of Kashmir Saivism and its relevance to our lives. Lord Siva, the Great Self of All, is the inner non-dual reality, the presence and source of spiritual fulfillment for seekers. Siva as the Self, and Shakti as the Universal Energy who creates countless worlds, are inseparable, the eternal complementary truths of existence.

Participants will learn about the non-dual aspects of Saivism, its relevance to modern life, science, and connections to Advaita Vedanta. Come explore the relevance of these ancient teachings, the profound truths, and the everyday practices of awareness. The combination of these three will be of practical usefulness in today’s world with all the challenges that seekers encounter.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change).

The presentations associated with this Yoga Vacation Program begin with an 8pm satsang on the first day of the program and conclude with a 90-minute noon workshop on the last day of the program.  Click here to read more about the Yoga Vacation Program details and view the ashram schedule for yoga classes and meals during your stay. We suggest you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your program for the optimal experience.

Menas Kafatos, PhD, is a quantum physicist, cosmologist, climate-change researcher and philosopher who works extensively on consciousness. He studied with renown physicist Philip Morrison at M.I.T., who was a student of J. Robert Oppenheimer. He has 47 years of experience in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research, and he holds seminars and workshops for individuals and organizations on the natural laws that apply everywhere and are the foundations of the universe.

Menas is the Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics and Director, Institute for Earth, Computing, Human and Observing (Institute for ECHO) at Chapman University in California. He is member of the Romanian Academy of Science and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST); an international scholar with the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering also serving as an advisor on the BK21 Plus Eco-Leader Education Center at Korea University in Seoul, Korea, an affiliated researcher at the National Observatory of Athens, Greece as well as international scholar at several countries.

Menas has authored 345-plus articles and published or co-authored 22 books, including The Conscious Universe and Looking In, Seeing Out, and has many social media and blogs. He is also co-author with Deepak Chopra of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Universe, which has now been translated into 20 different languages, the latest being Greek and Korean. Menas is often interviewed for international television networks, newspapers, and radio.

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