Yoga Vacation Program
January 23 — 25, 2025

Medical Intuition: A New Paradigm for Health

Wendie Colter

Medical Intuition is a skill of intuitive development designed to discover the underlying energetic causes of illness, imbalance, and disease. Come embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of Medical Intuition with this comprehensive program that combines intuitive development, mind-body exercises, scientific exploration, and the potential transformation of healthcare paradigms.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, holistic practitioner, or simply interested in expanding your understanding of mind-body connections, this program offers a unique opportunity to explore the profound impact of Medical Intuition on personal and collective well-being.

Offered as 2 workshops and 3 satsangs (subject to change).

The presentations associated with this Yoga Vacation Program begin with an 8pm satsang on the first day of the program and conclude with an 8pm satsang on the last day of the program.  Click here to read more about the Yoga Vacation Program details and view the ashram schedule for yoga classes and meals during your stay. We suggest you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your program for the optimal experience.

Wendie Colter, MCWC, CMIP, is the founder/CEO of The Practical Path, Inc., presenting comprehensive programs in Medical Intuition for health and wellness professionals and the public. She is a Master Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner, and Certified Biofield Balance® Energy Healing Practitioner, and an award-winning author. Wendie is President of the National Organization for Medical Intuition (NOMI), and serves on the
Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC) BioEnergy & Health Committee, and the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) Healing Practitioners Council.

Her groundbreaking book, Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness (Watkins/Penguin-Random House, 2022), won the prestigious Nautilus Silver Award in Body-Mind-Spirit Practices, and the International Book Award in Health-Alternative Medicine.

Her flagship program, Medical Intuitive TrainingTM Practitioner Certification Program, has been pivotal in helping holistic health professionals from every discipline develop and optimize their inherent intuition.

Wendie’s trailblazing research on Medical Intuition is published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine (JICM). She also curates and writes for the Medical Intuition Resource Center for Today’s Practitioner, an information resource for the integrative healthcare industry since 2013.


January 23
Foundations of Medical Intuition Medical
Intuition is a skill of intuitive development designed to discover the underlying energetic causes of illness, imbalance, and disease. This lecture introduces the concepts, principles, and practices of Medical Intuition.

January 24
Medical Intuition for Self-Care 1
This experiential workshop presents the fundamentals of medical intuition with mind-body exercises designed to support self-healing. Join us for an enlivening intuitive exploration intended to enhance a deeper connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Research on Medical Intuition
This lecture reviews historical scientific writings on Medical Intuition, and a deep dive into contemporary published research, with compelling data and fascinating case studies.

January 25
Medical Intuition for Self-Care 2

Building on the previous workshop, participants will practice deeper intuitive exercises for self-healing using focused Medical Intuition skills. Create a powerful and purposeful connection to your own body’s wisdom for healing and self-care.

The Future of Medical Intuition
This lecture presents the potentials and possibilities of incorporating Medical Intuition into mainstream healthcare. Participants are invited to consider how Medical Intuition could help change the current paradigm to a comprehensive whole-person wellness approach.

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