Yoga Vacation Program
April 27 — 29, 2019

Living the Miracle

Flowing with Grace

Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson

Your heart’s wisdom can guide you to live above the world’s chaos and express your most authentic and powerful self. Internationally-respected intuitive Carol Fitzpatrick will provide step-by step guidance for embodying this level of oneness, including unraveling the resistance, aligning with truth, listening to intuition, forgiving the past, and accepting your heart. Through channeled messages, experiential exercises, and sound healing, this work provides you with a personal navigational system of your soul’s journey.

Carol Fitzpatrick is an internationally-known intuitive. As a visionary and global community builder, she guides others to their soul’s purpose. Through energetic healings and activations, she supports economic, spiritual, and social leaders in creating the shift to oneness global consciousness. She is author of two books and a founder of the world service organization, Center for Planetary Awakening.

Mark Torgeson is classically trained pianist who has achieved international recognition as a musician and sound healer. Marks interest has always been to promote self-actualization and to increase sense of well being through the body and mind system. He utilizes his formal classical training to produce a body of music designed to both calm and energetically incite the human spirit toward more expanded states of awareness.

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