Yoga Vacation Program
February 9 — 11, 2024

Learning to Live with Trust that All Is Well

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

When Eben Alexander awakened from a 7-day coma due to life-threatening bacterial meningo-
encephalitis, the first words he spoke to the family members surrounding his bedside were, “All Is Well.”
To the outside world, he had been unresponsive for a week, but on the inside, Eben had memories of an
extraordinary journey to the spiritual realm where he was shown the full nature of our reality.

He returned with a greater perspective of challenges we face here on earth, knowing that everything
happens for a reason and how these events drive the evolution of humans and all sentient beings. Most
near-death experiencers return with a sense of purpose and mission, and a sense that they play an
important role in this world. They are newly equipped to manage challenges with grace from a broader
perspective because they realize that all souls on earth are connected as divine, spiritual beings and
each of us is an integral part of unfolding reality.

Most NDErs have encountered a divine presence that reassures them that all is well – everything that
happens, even when it seems devastating on the surface, contributes to a higher purpose of which we
are all a part. They feel an inherent connection with this force as they return to earth with greater
vitality for living the fullest life possible.

Even without a near-death experience, you can come to this understanding that all is well by connecting
to inner guidance and knowing your true existence as a spiritual being. By learning safe techniques that
can generate some features of NDEs, we can access guidance from within to bring clarity to vexing
problems and inspiration for resolution. In this workshop we will use Sacred Acoustics audio recordings
to take you through exercises to meet with your council of inner guides, and access the information you
need right now.

Offered as 2 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change).

Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston, with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology. He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven, and Living in a Mindful Universe.

Karen Newell has spent a lifetime seeking wisdom through esoteric teachings and firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. She empowers others by demonstrating how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation. With Eben Alexander, Karen co-authored Living in a Mindful Universe.

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