Yoga Vacation Program
December 19 — 21, 2016

Journey to Wholeness

Father Dan Hines

Based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal, Dan offers knowledge from years of experience in life transitions and passion, purpose and meaning, and aging and relationships. Live in perfect alignment with your deepest values and recover your courage to act with integrity and authenticity. Using the theme of open-ocean, traditional navigation – wayfinding – Dan uses poetry, prose, music, gentle guided movement, journaling, stories, silence, and meditation.

Mentored by Quaker activist, social thinker, and writer Parker J. Palmer, Father Dan Hines serves as a Courage & Renewal facilitator for business, educational, and religious organizations throughout Canada and the United States. He is an Anglican priest and co-founder of the intentional living community, RareBirds Housing Co-operative. He has a passion for exploring alternative living, innovative housing, and a more sustainable relationship to the land. He has run for public office and is involved in grassroots community work.

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