Yoga Vacation Program
December 9 — 12, 2024

Inner Yoga of Letting Go with The Sedona Method

David Ellzey

Learn how allowance and letting go are some of the greatest healing practices on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels, revealing the truth of unbound awareness and love as our true nature. But this is not always easy because we have defined and imprisoned ourselves by much of our mind, beliefs, and identities that we hold on to.

David will combine modern and ancient skills of inquiry, sacred breath, compassion, and the fundamental questions of letting go through the techniques of The Sedona Method, to help you see through this illusory self-perception to the pristine and open sense of being.

With his unique blend of gentleness, humor, timeless truth, and creating a container of safety, David will include guided meditation, letting go, partnering, laughter, movement, and silence. Many rays lead to the sun. Our task is to realize that we are both the ray and the sun – and thus, already home.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change).

The presentations associated with this Yoga Vacation Program begin with an 8pm satsang on the first day of the program and conclude with a 90-minute noon workshop on the last day of the program.  Click here to read more about the Yoga Vacation Program details and view the ashram schedule for yoga classes and meals during your stay. We suggest you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your program for the optimal experience.

At age 14 and staring into the star-filled heavens, David’s life was changed when he
sensed the infinite. Since then, as a spiritual teacher, author, coach, performer, poet,
and mentor he has guided people worldwide into deeper self-knowing from all walks, in organizations, and in leadership programs at The United Nations. A global instructor of The Sedona Method technique of letting go and as a regular speaker/performer at The Science and Non-Duality Conference and others, his life is devoted to the awakening of humanity to its oneness and eternal nature. Contributor to various consciousness journals, his most recent book is, “The Ocean of Now.”


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