Yoga Vacation Program
May 19, 2022


Dharma Through Satsang and Service

Durga Leela

This program will be presented by Durga Leela live during evening satsang from offsite via Zoom

Durga Leela is widely known, especially in the Sivananda community, as the creator of Yoga of Recovery. Over the years she has offered Yoga of Recovery retreats and symposiums at Sivananda Bahamas and worldwide. Now she has published her first book Yoga of Recovery: Integrating Yoga and Ayurveda with Modern Recovery Tools for Addiction and it is available for the first time on the day of this satsang.

Durga Leela did not know how she would ever find the time to write this book. She knew it was needed to lower the bar of entry to her work. She wanted more people to be introduced to the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda in relation to recovery from addiction, but it seemed impossible to fit into her busy schedule. And yet somehow she knew to be patient. She told herself, “I am guided, sit down, breathe, follow your dharma, don’t try to force anything.” And with the support of guidance she received at the ashram she was able to let her work unfold before her.

Join us for the heartwarming story of how Durga Leela found a way to write her book, and discover how we are all guided if we are willing to receive what is coming toward us.

Offered as 1 evening satsang with a follow-up evening satsang on June 13, 2022.


Durga Leela is an Ayurvedic and Yoga Therapy Specialist and the founder of Yoga of Recovery®, a comprehensive program that integrates Ayurveda and yoga with recovery tools for those affected by addiction and self-destructive behaviors. She teaches a holistic approach to recovery, integrating mind, body, and spirit. She overcame her own struggles with addiction and is a grateful member of 12-step fellowships for over 20 years. She is the author of Yoga of Recovery: Integrating Yoga and Ayurveda With Modern Recovery Tools for Addiction with a foreword by David Frawley.

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