Special Event
March 6 — 9, 2020

Hindustani Classical Music and Dance Festival

Swapan Chaudhuri, Pandit Habib Khan, Pooja Goswami Pavan, Avirodh Sharma, Raaginder Momi, Shambhavi Dandekar, and Nilan Chaudhuri
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Music kindles love and infuses hope. It has countless voices and instruments. It elevates, inspires, strengthens, and invigorates… Music melts the hardest hearts… If at all there is anything in this world which can change the heart of a man in a very quick time, that is music and dance.
— Swami Sivananda, Bliss Divine

Join us for an uplifting and inspirational experience of classical Indian music and dance, as renowned masters come together to share with us their musical gifts and messages. This is a rare opportunity to listen to and watch masters of classical Indian music and dance, who have practiced all their life and obtained perfection, each on their own instrument.

Come be inspired by the unique sounds and rhythms of Indian music and experience music as a doorway to the harmony, love, and hope in our hearts.

Swapan Chaudhuri is considered one of the top masters of tabla in the world. He is the Director of Percussion at Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. He developed his skill through years of accompanying Ali Akbar Khan and other leading musicians of India.

Pandit Habib Khan began his sitar training at the age of five under the strict eye of his accomplished father and has emerged among his peers as an ambassador of Indian classical music. Creating music that spans many genres, Khan has become an important contributor to the Indo-American classical music world as well as to the jazz scene and the fusion movement in the United States. As an accomplished composer and vocalist, he is as much at ease with light classical and devotional music as he is with pure classical renderings of Indian ragas. Khan frequently uses Western guitar, drums, violin, and Japanese Taiko drums in his orchestral compositions.

Dr. Pooja Goswami Pavan is a Hindustani classical vocalist, composer, teacher and scholar. Growing up in an environment of music and theater, she developed a deep interest in composing music to verses in Hindi and Urdu. The versatility in Pooja’s repertoire is evident in her ability to sing Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal, Bhajan, Sufiana Kalam and folk genres such as the Hori, Chaiti & Kajri besides the Khayal. Pooja was trained in Hindustani music by Pandit Surendra Goswami, Professor Ajit Singh Paintal and continues her advanced training in Khayal with her brother Professor Shailendra Goswami. She has also been trained in semi-classical music by the eminent vocalist Vidushi Shanti Hiranand. Pooja received a Ph.D. in Indian Classical Music from the University of Delhi.

Avirodh Sharma is considered one of the leading tabla players from the West Indies and the United States propagating the tradition of rhythm. A multifaceted artist he is also a composer and producer and his work has been featured in films, fashion shows, radio, documentaries, and TV commercials.

Raaginder is an up-and-coming violinist and music composer from California. Born in a musical family, Raaginder was surrounded by many different musical genres in his upbringing. He started playing the violin when he was 11 years old and became a disciple of renowned Indian classical violinist Dr. Sisirkana Choudhury. With his violin, Raaginder has experimented with many genres of music, such as hip-hop, pop, and classical Indian music, and has performed worldwide, including at the White House.

Shambhavi Dandekar is an Indian classical Kathak dancer who has performed throughout the world to wide acclaim. Her foundational training was with her mother as well as Guru Maneesha Sathé, and tabla virtuoso Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar. She holds degrees in dance, French, and Sanskrit and brings a modern vision to traditional Kathak dance. Shambhavi is the founder and teacher-trainer for Shambhavis International School of Kathak, with five branches in India and the US, and offers workshops and master classes worldwide.

Nilan Chaudhuri has spent his life steeped in the tradition of Indian Classical Music, performing his first solo at age 11. He has accompanied some of India’s most celebrated Indian classical musicians worldwide. Nilan continues to study and perform while teaching tabla throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

March 6

evening satsang
Kathak Dance Performance | Shambhavi Dandekar

March 7

evening satsang
Violin Concert | Raginder Singh Momi and Nilan Chaudhuri

March 8

evening satsang
Vocal Concert | Pooja Goswami Pavan and Avirodh Sharma

March 9

evening satsang
Sitar Concert | Habib Khan and Swapan Chaudhuri


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