Yoga Vacation Program
May 14 — 22, 2022

Bhakti Yoga

Path of Devotion and Bliss

Sushri Rameshwari Devi

Raso vai saha rasagvam hyevayam labdhva nandee bhavati 

The Supreme Brahman is bliss-personified and it is only by attaining Him that the individual soul can become blissful. – Taittiriya Upanishad (chap. 2, verse 7)

If you carefully analyze the motivation behind any action of any living being, from the tiniest ant to a human being, you will find that we all search for happiness in whatever we do. The universal aim of all living beings is the attainment of happiness. Now the questions arise: Why are we searching for happiness? How can we become happy?

Explore the answers, gain a deep knowledge of Vedic Philosophy, and experience the nectar of Divine Bliss with Sushri Rameshwari Devi. Through a series of soul-stirring spiritual discourses, melodious chanting, and interactive sessions, you will discover the importance of the human body, and the nature of Brahman. You will learn about the practices of Bhakti yoga and about the grace of god, self-surrender, devotion, sadhana, and the Guru.

Sushri Rameshwari Devi, (Didi Ji), received training in scriptural knowledge and music from her guru Jagadguruttam Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Her unwavering love for God and Guru is the driving force of her enchanting voice and talks on the Vedas. Didi Ji captures the hearts of listeners through Canada and the US, inspiring devotees from all walks of life on the path of Raganuga Bhakti.

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