Yoga Vacation Program
February 4 — 6, 2024

Ayurvedic Keys to Longevity

Manas Kshirsagar

Join us and learn effective long-term solutions for longevity and vitality using the remarkable wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, a multi-modality health system rooted in thousands of years of tradition, offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing health and embracing the passage of time gracefully.

Discover simple changes that can make your life better. From meditation, to anti-aging supplements, to lifestyle practices like walking in the early morning sunlight, or beginning a detox program.

Together we will explore the wisdom of both Ayurveda and modern science to help you create simple habits that will improve your well-being and help you live longer.

Offered as 2 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change).

Manas Kshirsagar, is an Ayurvedic Doctor who comes from a Rig Vedic Brahmin tradition with an extensive Ayurvedic background. He graduated from Aloha Ayurveda Academy and the Maharishi University of Management. He is an acclaimed wellness consultant, Ayurvedic consultant, and health educator. He provides a holistic approach to medicine, including nutrition, yoga, meditation, detoxification, and effective stress management.

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