Online Program

Ancient Wisdom With Us Now


Rick Hoffman

Tuition: Sliding scale donation

Program Type: Live online satsang

Date & Time:  Tuesday, Nov 17, 8pm ET


We are participants of a Vedantic tradition that goes back thousands of years. How do we inherit this wisdom? It has been handed down from teacher to student until today. Our lives today may appear different than it did in ancient times, but being human is still the same.

The basis of waking, dreaming, sleeping, breathing, eating, and witnessing our perceptions and our minds is identical to how it was thousands of years ago. When we become aware, even without thought or words, I know that I am because Limitless Awareness is Timelessly True.

In this satsang, we will examine our experience to reveal our True nature.

Living is its own reward, but discovering who is living this life is the blessing of human birth. Rick’s sadguru was Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, with whom Rick had 30 years of guidance and association. Other teachers of importance were Master Nome and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Demystifying Enlightenment and Nirvana, Vedanta, Chan, and Zen Buddhism in a direct and inviting manner is the essence of Rick’s approach.

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