When you choose your thoughts, you create your reality.

Neuroscience has proven we have the power to shape our brains and the way we think, and yogis have known this truth for thousands of years. In this much-loved course, you’ll learn practical ways to transform and enhance your own ways of thinking to live your best life possible.

Enjoy one workshop per day, teaching you the secrets of the mind and how to build to your fullest potential, designed to help you deepen your yoga in a more private setting. The rest of the day is yours to attend other ashram programs and enjoy the beach.

At a subtle level, your thoughts are the building blocks of your health, relationships, and experiences as you move through life. Positive thoughts are energizing and facilitate growth, while negative thoughts are draining. Get rid of old, self-defeating habits. Build new discipline and strength. Return home with a new set of tools and a rejuvenated mind … and a fresh, confident outlook on life.

The weekend version of Essentials of Positive Thinking covers the same material in a more condensed format.


Whether a person is aware of it or not, he is constantly transmitting and receiving thoughts. Thoughts control our lives, mold our characters, shape destiny, and affect other people. When the potential contained in the power of thought is realized,it is the beginning of great spiritual growth in the individual. —Swami Vishnudevananda



A small group of us met daily and shared our stories while being inspired and taught how to change our way of thinking and reacting in the everyday world. It was refreshing and brought perspective. I would definitely do another course like this. —Michelle D on TripAdvisor


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