Starting a meditation practice on your own can feel overwhelming, even when you know that many people around the world benefit from daily meditation. Whether you are brand new to meditation or want to refresh your inner discipline, this course gives you the building blocks for a strong meditation practice.

Enjoy one workshop per day, teaching you to meditate effectively — designed to help you deepen your yoga in a more private setting. The rest of the day is yours to attend other ashram programs and enjoy the beach.

Meditation teaches us to overcome negative emotions, like anger, depression, or anxiety, and to enhance our health and happiness. In this course you’ll make new friends, learn to improve your focus in your daily life, and  build a positive outlook.

You will also learn:

  • How to use meditation to overcome negative emotions like anger, worry, depression, and anxiety
  • Practical strategies to build focus and concentration
  • Yogic methods to become physically and mentally stronger
  • How practicing meditation builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Ways to reduce stress in your daily life
  • How to practice meditation at home

The weekend version of Essentials of Meditation Retreat offers the same material in a more condensed format.


Many of your doubts will be cleared by themselves during meditation. Meditation gives a lot of spiritual strength, peace, new vigour and vitality. It is the best mental tonic.” —Swami Sivananda



I took the 3-day “intro to meditation” course, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can honestly say that it changed me dramatically. It’s a serene and supportive environment. I felt so at home there, it was hard to leave. The staff and the classes were amazing!

—Stacy M, NYC, on TripAdvisor


Upcoming Weekend Courses



Sivananda Essentials are taught by senior yoga teachers and staff members of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas, all with many years of experience teaching, studying, and practicing yoga.

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