Depending on your karma yoga assignment you will follow similar but slightly different routines, but all have similar expectations. It is important that you understand these expectations before you arrive. Please read them carefully and feel free to email the Karma Yoga Coordinator at [email protected] if you have any questions!



  • You will follow the rules and values of the Ashram
  • You will book your own arrival and return flight and medical travel insurance
  • You will wake-up at 5:30am to be ready to begin your day at 6am
  • You will attend all morning and evening meditation/satsang
  • You will participate in 1 asana class daily
  • You will keep a spiritual diary and submit at your weekly sadhana meeting
  • You will attend and participate fully to the best of your ability in your Karma yoga assignment
  • You will not leave or be out of the ashram in the evenings after 8pm without explicit permission
  • There are two meals/day which are vegetarian with some vegan options
  • Between November and July you will stay in your own tent
  • Between July and November you will be accommodated in a shared dormitory
  • You will use the shared washrooms and showers
  • You will assist with cleaning your own dishes
  • You will attend study sessions as required
  • You will refrain from any consumption of alcohol, meat or illegal drug use during your stay within and outside the ashram
  • Smoking is not permitted in or off ashram property
  • You will wear modest clothes while in the ashram. Swimsuits only allowed on beach.
  • Shoulders and knees to be covered in the temple and Satsang Hall. As a staff member you are also expected to keep knees and shoulders covered around the ashram
  • You will respect the differences in our diverse team of staff, karma yogis, students and guests
  • You will respect the ambiance of the ashram environment and refrain from playing loud music and conversing loudly on your cell phone or computers in public areas.
  • You understand that living this type of lifestyle, while rewarding and healthy, is challenging. It will be physically, emotionally and mentally demanding. Therefore it is essential that you disclose any health or behavioral issues in your application. Nondisclosure is not acceptable.
  • You will seek assistance from your supervisor when you encounter challenges and/or conflicts or simply need some guidance
  • The Ashram and the Karma Yoga program are designed to support you in maintaining the daily schedule and discipline. In some cases, where participants have repeated discipline challenges, they would be asked to change to being a paying guest or leave the ashram.

The karma yoga program involves 5hrs (Karma Yoga Introduction) and up to 8hrs (Karma Yoga Immersion) of selfless service/day. There is a wide variety of assignments which fall under these basic areas:

  • Kitchen help (food preparation and dish washing)
  • Gardening / composting
  • Grounds / Maintenance
  • Garbage removal
  • Reception / reservations
  • Marketing/ promotion
  • Programs
  • Guest services
  • Teaching / coordinating programs
  • Boutique
  • IT/computer support
  • Temple
  • AV/sound equipment

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